DISH Network Sending out Surveys about Google TV

Satellite TV Provider DISH Network has been sending out surveys today talking about Google TV specifically.  We have several screen shots of the survey, thanks to one of our loyal readers.

There are a few juicy tidbits of information from the survey, here is a run down of what DISH is claiming:

  • Only DISH network will offer the full functionality and integration of Google TV.  DISH is claiming some exclusivity here.
  • The price point of $300 retail for the Google TV Box is the “assumed price.”
  • A DISH Network box with Google TV integrated into it could have a price range of $199 – $229 with a $5 monthly fee
  • A possible Blu-Ray player tie in?

It looks like that there is some functionality that only DISH customers are going to get, namely the full integration of Google TV with the channel guide and DVR functionality.  Also, the Blu-Ray player questions in the survey are intriguing, we will certainly keep our ear to the ground on that one.

Customers who had indicated an interest in Google TV are receiving the invitation to take the survey.  It seems that DISH is working hard to decide on the pricing threshold that customers are willing to pay for the new Google TV service.  More info as we get it in! Image Gallery of the survey after the break.

CREDIT:  Chuck Falzone

  • rophelius

    Dude, apostrophe’s are not supposed to be us’ed to m’ake plural’s.


    Thanks for the article, though.

    • rophelius

      Thank you, dear author. I really appreciate the correction. I think that it’s an interesting problem, but it really does affect people. I’m curious about whether or not you agree, but perhaps I’ll take that subject offline with you, if you’re interested.

      Thanks again for the article!

  • bob

    I sure hope an association with Dish is not required for Google TV! Dish has the absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered, bar none. They screwed up my dish when they installed a tenant’s dish on the same roof, then wanted to charge me $90 to come and fix it. “But, if you sign up for our service plan for $6 a month, it will only cost you $15!” When I pointed out that their plan, over the course of a year, plus the cost of the visit would cost me $87, hardly a savings, they seemed surprised that I could do the math. When my DVR died and they offered to replace it free and would send a pre-paid shipping carton for $25 (prepaid? are they unclear on the concept?) to take away the old one, I’d had enough. It took my jumping through several hoops to convince them that I really, truly did want to cancel my service (after ignoring my request for several months), and then several hoops more to actually accomplish it–and it still cost me money. Then they wanted me to climb up on my steeply-pitched roof, remove part of the dish, and send it back to them. They backed down on that when I asked if they were going to pay my hospital bill if I fell off. I’ve only scratched the surface here in relating what I went through.

    I was looking to Google TV as a replacement for Dish. If it requires Dish (I sure hope that’s not what’s implied here), then I’ll be looking elsewhere. I’m sure I’m not alone–do a Google search on “dish customer service” and you’ll see what I mean. The horror stories are true. Google is not doing their reputation any good by associating themselves with Dish. I will never again, under any circumstances, be a Dish customer. Or victim, I should say.

    • bob2

      what are you talking about best customer service around …. i moved and they told me to leave dish on house and if the new owner of house didn’t want it they would remove … i have been with dish for 10 years had regular dish and then dvr and then hd dvr never paid anything to ship back old reciever true i do pay 6 dollars a month for reciever but it does both my tv room and bedroom duel hd reciever… if your reciever breaks they send you a new one and they even gave me hbo for free for 3 months for the2 days without service…

      • bob

        I’m glad you had a better experience than I did, but as I said, do a web search and you’ll see my experience was not unique. The way I feel about it, if Dish made air, I’d give up breathing.

  • I am looking forward for google tv but I realy do not want it to be exclusive to dish. I use regular cable for the convience of having many tv’s in the house. I have 6 tv’s and it would cost a fourtune with dish.

  • Jazake

    Google TV will not be exclusive to Dish. Anyone could just buy one of those set top boxes. What I do think is that Dish will have the only integrated service (GTV, DVR, VOD) in one, similar to how Apple exclusively goes with At&T. Either way, GTV will be a game changer. I just don’t want to be charged up the wazooo from Dish for using GTV, isnt Google’s whole motto, free open source w/ads???

  • Joe L.

    I know that can be a little steep in price. But if the Revue is ordered through Dish Network you get 120.00 off the price, so you pay 179.00 for the Revue. If you chose to add the integration fee into that which allows two way communication between the dish receiver and the revue, it does have a 4.00 monthly fee. It def does have a lot of added benefits to it though. You can always check out the latest info at -Joe