Facebook “Places” Now Accessible for Android Users at Facebook Mobile Site

Last night Facebook announced its new service titled “Places”, which lets U.S. users share their current location with friends. Unfortunately, at the time of the announcement, the functionality was only available on the iPhone application (and still is). Despite this limitation, U.S. Android users with HTML5 capable web browsers (Android 2.0 and above) can check out the new feature by visiting the Facebook mobile site at touch.facebook.com, where it was just activated.  I have to admit it seems pretty cool. Hopefully they can tie in some type of giveaways with check-ins.  We’ll see.

With Erik Tseng leaving Google for Facebook,  I would think true application support will come soon. Expect an update shortly folks.

Will anyone use Facebook “Places”?  Do you like this functionality? Let us know below!

Source: MobileBurn

  • Lemon

    No native FB app support = BOO-URNS.

  • I wrote an app called F that just sends your directly to touch.facebook.com. It has an icon and everything so it can seem like a real app. It is free if you guys want it and has no ads, just basically a bookmark.

    • jen

      Thanks love your app!!!

  • Meh… Facebook seems to be getting a bit pervasive in my opinion. Didn’t they just fumble a large privacy issue? I will wait a while before giving them my physical location to sell. In the meantime I still have Latitude (best privacy options for geo-social), Foursquare, Buzz, Loopt, etc….

  • kjhg

    Please note this is US only which I would of liked to know before spending awhile trying to find it on my phone.

    • Ole

      Thanks! Just saved me for the same ammount of time 🙂

    • King Gimp

      Yep – me too.

    • Heez

      You do realise it states that in the article?

  • I’m with @Tenkely. They need to come good on a few other things about privacy before I’m going to willingly start letting them know where I’m at in the country.

  • Kevin D

    I agree with kjhg- pretty crap blogging not to bother mentioning that it has only been activated in the US. Get your sh*t together, Android guys.

  • Greg

    My mom might be interested. I sorta think of Facebook as the social media site for technically-challenged people. I will not be using it.

  • zenaxe

    Awesome! I’ll be sure to begin ignoring it immediately.


    Looks like a fun way to connect with friends that happen to be in the same place as you and avoid having to use a separate app.

  • androgirl

    You guys obviously cannot read. It says “u.s. users” in the first line and “u.s. android users” later on.

  • Is it down? When I select “Share where you are…” I come to blank white screen.

    Android 1.6
    Tested in Opera and Browser app.

    • shugakookie

      @Danny, the same thing is happening to mine. all I get is a blank page. I have the G1

  • Diann

    @Danny: I also have a MyTouch & it is does not work. It is because the MyTouch doesn’t have Android 2.0 & higher. I guess we’ll have to wait until we get Android froyo 2.2 on our MyTouch phones before we can use Facebook Places.

    • @Diann Do you have any idea of When will we get this update?

  • Hope they get the MyTouch 3G update out soon. This is an excellent feature and would love to use it. But I’m still rockin the 1.6. What happened to “No Phone Left Behind” T-Mo? Starting to feel like Kirk Cameron.

  • AlbeezNeez

    I would love for the Facebook app on my droid to be able to have the “PLACES” feature.

    If they iPhones got it…why cant my Droid?

  • niki

    this is making me so angry. I really want this update. and I want to use facebook places.

  • jen

    hate it…it doesn’t work on my aria…..

  • I think I will wait for the Droid app to be available, in the meantime happy with Foursquare and Yelp.

  • Erik

    I can see the places and where people are. Can I check in yet? I am a little technically challenged.

    • lyka jenica

      am hu u taga san ka can u be my friend

  • Joe

    Its not US only because it works here in the UK lol

  • wy2sassy

    I have tried both of the programs that were mentioned above and can’t find the checkin on any of them. I have the Motorola Cliq. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Dayla

    I’ve tried going on facebook.touch on my Samsung Moment and it doesn’t show the check in either.. 🙁 Help?

  • Rooker

    You guys are all stupid, this is a password phishing scam. You might want to change your FB passwords right now.

  • sammbamm

    i just want to know WHY places doesnt work on my droid 2… :[
    what can i doo?!?!?!?!

  • I hate it

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  • monique

    i love facebook places, i used to use it w/ my bb curve but i cant seem 2 find how to use it w/ my droid (i have a samsung intercept)

  • this fucken web sit is good most of the times most fuckers that i dont know send m

  • lyka jenica

    hey anu name u

  • ya aaap

  • I can see the places and where people are. Can I check in yet? I am a little technically challenged.