Trillian for Android Now in Open Beta

Do you like chatting? Do you like Trillian?  If the answer to these two questions is yes, you are going to love this next bit of news.  Earlier today, Cerulean Studios, the company behind the mega-messaging application Trillian, revealed that the Trillian for Android is now in open beta!  That means for a limited amount of time you will be able to download Trillian to keep up with your pals on AIM, Gtalk, IRC, Mobile Me, Facebook, MySpaceIM, Yahoo and a handful of other protocols, all from a single app on your phone.

Along with the usual Trillian support, you get tabbed chats, landscape mode, and can send emoticons.  You can pretty much do any chatting your hear desires. It is great.

Be warned folks, the period won’t last forever, and the app will expire at the end of the beta.  Then hopefully you will be given a chance to buy it. Hit the source link to get it!

Source: Trillian

  • kj

    none of these multi I’m chats ever show myspace correctly I mean wtf people

    • FL0OD

      thats because no one uses MS anymore

  • jakir

    I think ebuddy can do that job. Which is free for life.

  • Mats

    One can only hope that this messenger client doesn’t drain the battery in notime like the rest of the crowd.
    For these kind of apps to be really useful, always-on is a requirement, and when my battery is drained in less than 3 hrs, it’s a no go.

  • jg

    Worth note: This is for 1.6+. Which means folks like me, who were dumb enough to invest in a Motrola DEXT, are out of luck.

    Damn you Motorola.

  • Mark

    The multi-chat protocol support is good. But I’ve got 2 problems with the beta.

    First, in the google talk client, it doesn’t display messages sent from other clients, unlike the default android app. So if I switch to my phone mid conversation, I can’t see my responses.

    Second. They’ve got an iphone app, and this tries to follow in it’s footsteps. Rather than keep you always logged in and connected, it keeps you logged in via their servers, and has an option to send you an email when you receive a new message. This means it’s light on battery – it doesn’t stay connected to the network all the time. But it also means it doesn’t stay connected all the time. If they used the cloud-to-device notifications in 2.2 rather than the emails, I could probably live with it. But I don’t want push emails. Keep the emails for non-2.2 devices, let 2.2 users use the c2d notifications, and give us an option to stay always on (say when connected to wifi or something).

    Third. Customizable font sizes would be nice.

  • This does allow one thing that the Talk app doesn’t – using multiple google talk accounts at once. To be honest, I’d rather just use talk w/ support for multiple accounts, but this might be a nice alternative. But without background support, it’s no where near as useful.

    • Lex

      I’m looged in on both of my Google Talk accounts and I’m only using 2.1 on an LG Ally.