The G2 Gets Caught in the Wild!

Engadget this morning released some in the wild images of the newly announced G2!  If you look closely at the picture to the left, you will see that the G2 is indeed the HTC Vision as we mentioned last night on AGTN.

There are a couple of things that come with T-Mobile’s announcement of the G2 and the release of these images.  The first being that we can finally dispense with the silly G-1 Blaze rumors that were sweeping the Android community.  We have definite branding for this handset as T-Mobile is naming this as the successor to the G1, and is going to be the first HSPA+ phone that T-Mo is officially releasing.

The second thing that comes from this is the renewed relationship between T-Mo and Google, as this is going to be a Google experience phone.

Check after the break for another pic!

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  1. DaveC
    August 20, 13:36 Reply

    Four row keyboard–not giving up the Nexus One for that. Funny how the first Android phone out the gate got QWERTY right, but T-Mo can’t seem to do it again.

  2. Dan F.
    August 21, 01:08 Reply

    Same style keyboard that I have on my CLIQ. I’ll be more than happy to move into this one…

  3. rollyp
    August 21, 14:14 Reply

    I need some spec information for me to get this one…..I still have my original G1 and the Nexus…..This better be good Tmobile!!!!

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