Nexus One Dev Phone Out of Stock

The Android Developers blog is saying that all you people who rushed to buy unlocked Nexus One dev handsets have tapped them out!  Here is the quote from their blog:

A couple of weeks ago, we arranged that registered developers could buy an unlocked Nexus One via their publisher page in Android Market. We think it’s a good development platform and a nice phone. Apparently, you agree. Somewhat too many of you, in fact; we blew through the (substantial) initial inventory in almost no time, and they’re back-ordered from HTC, who are doing a pretty good job of managing runaway success amid a worldwide AMOLED shortage. Everyone appreciates that it’s important to the platform to get phones in the hands of developers, so we’re working hard on re-stocking the shelves; stand by.

It is good to see that the Nexus One still has legs right now, it will be interesting to see if sales continue to be brisk with the announcement of the G2 this week.

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  1. M Ward
    August 20, 15:08 Reply

    Unless the G2 is sold unlocked with vanilla Android and assured compatibility with Google’s OS updates, why would it have any impact on continued sales of Nexus One? Those of us who purchased the Nexus One outright did so primarily because it is not locked to a carrier, and laden with frothy UI tweaks and bloatware that impede OS updates.

  2. Art Vandelay
    August 20, 19:42 Reply

    Google gave up too quickly on the Nexus One. Its a great phone and Google should make it available to everyone again. Surely with their billions they could actually market the phone! With proper marketing, they would sell at lot more than 80,000. Its time to break the stranglehold the carriers have over cell phone hardware, and allow consumers to buy unlocked phones they can run on the network of their choice.

  3. Peter
    August 22, 10:36 Reply

    “Everyone appreciates that it’s important to the platform to get phones in the hands of developers, so we’re working hard on re-stocking the shelves; stand by.”

    I love this bit. Once upon a time I considered buying a Nexus One. Then it arrived and was only available in a stupidly limited range of countries. Fast forward to it being pushed as a dev phone. Somehow it is still limited to a random selection of countries.

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