Rumored Tip: Sprint 4G Turned on in Ft. Lauderdale

We had a tip come in from one of readers named Brian, saying that he is seeing a marked increase in download speeds on his Sprint phone.  He resides in the Ft. Lauderdale area, which was slated for having 4G turned on this summer sometime.  If you live that area, let us know in the comments if you are having the faster download speeds there, we are looking to either confirm or deny this tip!

  • -=mirko=-

    I get a 4G signal at home on the Boca Raton/Delray Beach border. Haven’t seen it anywhere else.

    • Rich

      East or west? I’m at Federal and do not see anything here.

  • lobwedge

    I’m about 30 miles north of Ft Lauderdale in Lake Worth. When I turn on 4G my EVO just says scanning and never finds a 4G signal. The people at the Sprint store about six miles from my house assured me that I would be in the Miami / South Florida coverage area when 4G is turned on.

  • andres

    i saw 4g signal miami downtoad few minutes ago, now is 3g again

  • Kevin

    Seriously? Ft. Lauderdale?? Has anyone noticed that you can now get a 4G signal in Manhatten!?! That’s the type of market that will bring Sprint attention and make it a real contender. Good for Ft. Lauderdale but really, come on.

    • Vince

      Hey Kevin, I live in Ft. Lauderdale and can appreciate 4G being turned on here soon, but tell me something…..where’s Manhatten?

  • se7ven

    Yakima, WA has it. They have a WHOPPING population of 84,074.
    Richland, WA has it. Their city is overcrowded with 48,580 people.
    Slumbering Kennewick, WA overpopulation exceeds 67,179. Yes, they have 67,180 citizens who get Sprint 4G. Pasco, WA has 32,066 – 40% of which are either meth dealers or prostitues. They too get Sprint 4G. I live in the 14th largest city in the U.S. There’s not even a rumor of when we get 4G from Sprint. People here are dropping their Sprint plans like wildfire here and going with TMobile. Sprint isn’t sure how well their service works under load. That’s why they’re starting in Podunck, Arkansas. TMobile KNOWS theirs works and already has it in a good percentage of the larger cities in the U.S. Additionally, TMobile’s 4G (HSPA+) operates at almost twice the speed of Sprint. Before you ask, I’m not affiliated with Sprint. In fact, I have a Droid and am with Verizon. As far as I can see, Verizon has fully saturated 0.0% of the market with their 4G (LTE). That’s right, 0 percent.

    • dowter

      OK se7ven, I bit it. The 14th largest city in the US is Indianapolis. So what’s with you and the small towns in Washington? And if you can help a little more, what exactly is Pasco’s proportion between methers and hos?

      Anyway, we all know (or should) that companies start new projects with small pilot tests and then go big. Otherwise fixing mistakes in a big scale would be a waste of money.

      We also know, or should, the list of cities in which Sprint will deploy Wimax by the end of the year. What we need to worry is how widespread the network will be within these cities. Because from my experience, verizon started deploying FIOS in my city two years ago. But it stops four blocks to the north, ten blocks to the east and another ten or so to the south of me.

      Meaning, it is very likely that there will be reasons to bitch about Sprint’s Wimax network. But not yet. Right now bitching is only from jealousy. And we all know, or should, that jealousy is a juvenile trait.

      • James

        you gawd damn right i’m bitching, when i have to pay $120/yr more for my plan and i get to use it maybe 20-30 minutes a day in the area i live….

  • James

    I live in North Richland Hills, Tx and i too do not get coverage for 4G(nor the rest of my town in North Tx). The college across the street north of me doesn’t get it, but if you go 3/10 of a mile south near the NE Mall, bam! Excellent coverage….WTF, so many areas of D/FW still doesn’t get 4G coverage…

  • I have a weak 4G signal in South Beach, Miami Beach, FL just noticed it this week 2-3K Download Speed. Check it out

  • After reading this post I decided to turn on 4g. And I have all 4g bars not too far from ftlauderdale in pembroke pines fl. It’s lightning fast . And it doesn’t come and go its steady and reliable

  • gessin


  • Alex

    Got a great signal (4g) in a 3 mile radius in Miami – turnpike between SW 88 & 152 street…

  • FifthE1ement

    Yes, 4G is now on in Davie and surrounding areas. I am getting anywhere between fair and excellent although some areas it drops out, although not quite as much as I expected! This is great so I’m guessing we can expect and official announcement shortly!

  • BitOgre

    From what I understand from talking to a Sprint rep at a local store, it looks like what people are seeing when the see 4G in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami/Palm Beach area is Sprint doing tests of the 4G network. Sprint will turn on a tower, do some sort of test (I’m guessing to make sure it works properly and has the expected coverage but I’m not connected to the industry so I have no way of knowing for sure), and then turns 4G the tower off until all towers are ready.

    I think it is a good sign that Sprint is getting close to making 4G available to the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami/Palm Beach area but it is also possible that one bad test could delay final turn on of the whole system.

  • bigmix

    It is true there is 4G in fort lauderdale between pembroke pines and cooper city but I test it out speeds 3mb download and. Upload 1mb

    • jimmyjo

      in cooper city now. no 4g signal.

  • manuel

    well yesterday at night i had 2 bars from 4g signal on south miami beach by mistake i turn on the 4g antena and when i went to pick up my girlfriend from her job i saw 3g switch to 4g and when i was leaving the are it switch back to 3g i didnt test speed tho.

  • rey23

    a month ago, i was heading to lincoln rd in south beach, and i got 4g signal, but 5 minutes after, it dropped to 3g,

    • Mr.G

      evo since june….pbc h e l p us all…….. wat A TEASE!

  • GotSprint

    today i picked up 4G from oakland park blvd up to commercial blvd in ftl i did a speed test and it was 7551 down and 2130 up really fast speeds even when i had 0 bars i did speed test and it was still 650 down and 100 up

    • GotSprint

      on federal hwy sorry left that part out, works from dixie hwy over to bayview and commercial down to oakland park

      • GotSprint

        tonight i drove past commercial blvd on federal hwy and the 4G signal stayed good until cypress creek rd then i lost it when i got to dixie hwy going west, so i think the tower is on one of the office bldgs at federal and commercial

        • GotSprint

          4G lasted 2 days now wont connect, so i am sure they are testing it then turning it off, i can go into my settings menu and select 4g settings then hit menu then scan and it will find the signal attempt to connect then resume scanning, so they have us blocked out until launch date but if everyone does this from time to time then you can find new towers being tested and play with 4G at least couple days

          • Timmy

            I 4g between commercial and oakland park as well, yesterday around 630pm (9-3-2010).

  • andres

    Good to know, waiting for north Miami 4g

  • Miles

    Kevin, you represent what’s wrong with some NYers my friend, 4g for South Florida soon!

  • I got 4g now !:) although thanks for sharing

  • Ron

    I live in Plantation, FL (suburb of Fort Lauderdale) near Sawgrass Mall. No 4G signal. Will keep checking.

    Had a recent trip to Las Vegas where I was able to get a strong 4g signal. was able to download shows with hotspot on laptop and use phone in elevator of casino. It was awesome. Can’t wait to we get it here. Got an extra battery and a wall charger so I won’t run out of juice.

  • Gotsprint


    • Gotsprint

      yes it went off for a day and now its on for good, signal starts at oakland park goes up to cypress creek, and between dixie hwy and the beach cant wait for more towers to get turned on

  • Dave

    I am able to get FULL 4G signal at around I95 and Yamato the other day… I cant wait to see what the 4G can really do….

  • Mr.G

    On sunday the 5th…caught a “4g available” on the overpass on Woolbright and 95….drove around N AROUND ,,NOTHING , ZILCH….BUT CAUGHT A 4G FLash ROUND CONGRESS AND WOOLBRIGHT…DROVE NEAR WXEL AND LITTLE LEAGUE towerS naa, nothing zilch havent a clue ….Wat A tEASE…Malvin

  • Mr.G

    On sunday the 5th…caught a “4g available” on the overpass on Woolbright and 95….drove around N AROUND ,,NOTHING , ZILCH….BUT CAUGHT A 4G FLash ROUND CONGRESS AND WOOLBRIGHT…DROVE NEAR WXEL AND LITTLE LEAGUE towerS naa, nothing zilch havent a clue ….Wat A tEASE…Malvin

  • Gotsprint

    new cities have been put on the map for going live in 3 months

  • Emilio G

    Got a very strong 4G signal in Delray Beach in and around Linton Blvd. Was heading North on I95 and lost it right before the on ramp to Woolbright. Did a speedtest and got 6mbps down and 1mbps up. Very cool!

    • Gotsprint

      yes i also got 4G in that area works great !

  • Jonathan W

    THere is 4g signal in Fort Lauderdale. On university drive, in between stirling and griffin. I was at the denny’s there and turned on my 4g on my EVO just to check it out, and it was coming in with 4G. It was awesome!

  • I got a 4g singal in Ft. Lauderdale while driving down sunrise blvd. between sunset strip and State Rd. 7 (441). In some areas I had all bars.

    • Gotsprint

      that is not fort lauderdale, that is plantation area to south of sunrise blvd and lauderhill area to the north of sunrise blvd

  • Mr.G

    got 4g signal around 45th street and 95 (congress ave areea). pbc wed. afternoon….4.6 speed

  • WJFJ

    Got 4G signal on my Sprint EVO while traveling on Congress Avenue between Woolbright and Linton Blvd all this week 9/13/10. Strongest signal between Lake Ida and Atlantic Ave. Very very fast connection and very smooth video streams. Checked the Network Provider, it was Sprint. Noticed underground cable being installed along Congress Ave.

  • charles

    I just got 4 g in the Boca/Del Ray area.. I live in Ft. Lauderdale and don’t get it here but enjoy it when I travel for business to Del Ray! Weird… Del Ray?

  • dale

    Univirsity betwee stirling and sheridan st. That area has 4g. Every day for this week, there is a home depot that’s were I go and thbats how I know. Speed is 3mps upload 1mps

  • DC

    I just got 4G signal between 151 st to 135 st on West Dixie Highway……. the live tv feed on channel 7 looks G88888888

  • Gotsprint

    Today i got 4G in the area of W Sunrise Blvd and I-95 in Ft Lauderdale !

    looks like they are moving right along and we should have full coverage by spring

    • Gotsprint

      the tower is just north of sunrise blvd on the west side of i-95 and the tracks,
      tower covers davie blvd north to oakland park blvd and almost to andrews ave west to just past nw 31 ave

  • shanan1gans

    Got spotty 4g for the first time. In Miami (Kendall) area. Was on for a few minutes and then disappeared. Can’t wait for steady coverage. Going to test in Orlando this weekend, will report back!

  • HellYeah

    Got strong 4G signal on Bicayne between 125 and 135 street in miami. the HQ on Youtube is crystal clear with zero load time. This is worth an extra 10 bucks a month

  • shanan1gans

    Back from Orlando. Had great 4g coverage near UCF. Was able to stream music and video with out any interruptions. I really wait for it to be like that in South Florida!!!!

  • Miles

    I got a 4g available over the weekend, but could not connect. pbc- lakes and Australian

  • Gotsprint

    you can download this app to your phone and run it while you are driving around and it uploads your coverage to the map for others to see when 4G is up

    it is a very cool app to show where 4G is

  • Mike

    I live in Davies, Florida (12 me west of Ft. Lauderdale) and started getting a 4 G signal yesterday

  • Bill

    I have a 4G signal at 45th Street in West Palm about a mile east of 95. According to I am getting 7.2 Mbps.

  • andres

    Gotsprint thanks for the app, I found just what I looking for

  • Gotsprint

    ok everybody just seen the black dot on south florida on which means we will be launched fully within 3 months ! so by jan 1st 4G should be complete in dade broward and palm beach ! we should see a lot more towers start coming online so check your phones often run the map app when you driving around

  • Miles

    4g on military and northlake, weak but still 2.5 mb down

  • Miami Beach, near Surfside – just received a Overdrive Router and picking up 4G signal.
    About 2-3 MB downstream and continous signal…

  • jimmy 8125

    I got 4g on my Evo in the Hollywood area yesterday on the turnpike from about 595 to mirimar parkway

  • No 4th coverage in the south Florida area as of 10/15/2010 I have an evo

    • Gotsprint

      as it states above some areas have towers turned on some dont

  • Craze

    There is 4G in Kendall by the turnpike!!! I have inside information that 4G will be in Miami full throttle on Dec.1st!! Can’t wait…

    • Gotsprint

      well i dont think they can have it done in 6 weeks, there is still 100 towers that need installed, i would say jan 1st, sure they may announce it launched but there will be another 10 towers needed when they do, south fl was put on clear map on oct 6th which means coming within 3 months so that is oct nov dec launch jan, but hey you never know they may have 6 or more crews doing towers 2-3 each county,

  • jimmy 8125

    4g on thw sawgrass express from about sunrise to sample road

  • Sean

    In the office inside the presidential circle building in Hollywood. Its about 1 mile west of 95. The signal is strong and speed is Download 6899 kbps and upload 1145 kbps. Its awesome. I tested this on samsung epic.

  • Gotsprint

    ok yesterday looks like another tower just went on somewhere near i-95 and oakland park blvd

  • Gotsprint

    make sure you update your prl and your data profile often so you get the new towers to auto connect

  • Gotsprint

    new 4g tower at cypress creek rd east of i-95

  • Gotsprint

    ok i seen some guys working up on a tower at mc nab rd and i-95 i think that will be the next tower to go live

    • Gotsprint


  • Aride4ever

    4g turned up by 44th and nob hill. Its a weak signal but was getting 2.2 down on 4g and .68 on 3g on a Epic 4g. I was in Health south rehab when I got the signal. Nothing in Coral springs yet.

  • Gotsprint

    new 4 g tower near e oakland park blvd and dixie hwy

  • lawkw

    FYI – I started getting a pretty decent 4G signal in Boynton Beach today. Corner of Federal and Boynton Beach Blvd. It’s about time!!

  • JOSE

    tower upgraded to 4Gin Miami Gardens on the North side of Opa-Locka airport near NW 57th ave and Nw159th st

  • Gotsprint



    AND 100% BY END OF JAN 2011 !

  • andres

    4g signal Miami still bad

  • Gotsprint

    ok everyone they just updated the miami map with coverage check it out and see where are all the towers are, future areas not uploaded yet


    I’m at Sunrise, FL here I have 4G

  • John Sullivan

    Very weak csignal at Cypress Harbor. 4G goes on and off.

  • Anonymous

    Today I was in a Sprint store at Commercial blvd and NE 17th ave and all the 4G phones there had 4G signal.