Froyo for Droid X Leaked (Updated)

Droid X owners, you’ll probably be getting a Froyo update OTA sooner rather than later, but if you need it now and want to take matters into your own hands, you can do so.

Keep in mind: this is a likely unfinished, probably still buggy pre-release version of Froyo for the Droid X that leaked out. You may encounter problems. You may brick your device. But you may want to go ahead and flash it anyway, knowing all that.

The build includes Google’s new Voice Actions as well as Flash. You don’t need to be rooted to use this upgrade, but if you are, it’s possible to apply it without losing root access. Just follow the direction in MyDroidWorld’s tutorial.

Boy Genius Report created a short video demo of the 2.2 build:


If you’ve got 2.2 up and running on your Droid X, let us know how it’s running in the comments.

Update: Given Motorola’s track record, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they have served MyDroidWorld with a cease-and-desist order. MDW’s post, and the various mirrors it links to, seem to still be up right now, but probably not for much longer.

  • Drew

    I did it and it works great. A couple extra force closes here and there but that was only when I first booted it.

  • Eric

    When I first loaded it, none of my hard keys would work and apps would open but not close. So in recovery mode I retired a factory reset. So as I started to put apps back on I realized my phone was running on 2.2 so wow. It works very well

  • ckeaton

    I put some froyo goodness on my droid x yesterday and it runs great. Only thing I have noticed is my key board is a bit glitchy at times when sideways. My droid is not rooted and it was a very easy process but alittle nerve racking. I would say if u can get past the possibly brick thing go for it and have fun with it. I like the changes and the flash. Well worth it.

  • opiate46

    And they’re already yanking this down. Come on androidguys. Gotta keep up with the news.

  • To Motorola Mobile corporation, people who buy their phones are “consumers”, not customers. They really seem to have a severe hatred of attempts to use your phone outside of the narrow parameters they intend.
    I wonder how much that “eFuse” use-prevention chip adds to the price of the phone.

  • jackie robinson jr

    I installed 2.2 as well. No issues whatsoever – actually runs great. phone NOT rooted i had no issues. if any of you need the [email protected] let me know and I’ll send it to you some way…just reply back to post and we’ll get in contact…

    best wishes…..

    • mp

      hey man do you have the update… hook it up!! please

    • send it to me please froyo 2.2 for the droid x

  • Steve

    Doesnt work , none of the links work , says invalid or deleted file