Motorola Updates Android Upgrade Time Line

Motorola has announced that they recently upgraded their Android 2.1 and 2.2 update time line.  With this, it was revealed the already end-of-life Motorola Devour would not be upraded to Android 2.1. Not a real surprise there though.

The upgraded time line also detailed the status of the Android 2.1 updates for the Motorola Cliq, Cliq XT, and Motorola Backflip.  These updates, are now scheduled to roll out in Q3 and Q4 respecively (see the chart above).  That is some good news for Cliq and Backflip owners (better late than never). They will be tasting Eclair real soon.

Also, the Motorola Milestone will be getting Android 2.2 in Q4. Nice.

Hope everyone is having a nice sunday!

Source: Motorola

Image Source: Motorola

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  1. opiate46
    August 22, 16:57 Reply

    I don’t see how that’s good news for Cliq owners. It’s pathetic that it’s taking them this long to get the update out especially considering it was supposed to be going out OTA back in May/June.

  2. Tony
    August 22, 19:39 Reply

    No, good news for Cliq owners is that it would be out next week, that way it would only be a couple months late as opposed to half a year.
    Not that I’m bitter or anything. This is just seriously starting to chap me arse.

  3. Dave
    August 22, 20:35 Reply

    Come on Motorola, get on the stick. I have been promised this upgrade since I bought my phone in January. Now many of the newer, and better apps will not work with the 1.5 in my phone. My phone isn’t even a year old and I think it might be obsolete.

  4. baywatch
    September 13, 18:50 Reply

    Motorola blows. Bought this pos in MARCH. Saleswoman told me it was 2.0

    I didn’t figure out that it wasn’t until it was too late. And I’ve been disappointed ever since. Fu motorola, I will be taking my business elsewhere, for life.

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