Galaxy S Unlockable, T-Mobile Vibrant Supports AT&T 3G

It was a very slow day, but we have a bit of breaking news tonight.  Engadget is reporting that Dagentooboy of XDA-Developers has discovered that the codes used to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S are not stored at Samsung headquarters, but in a .BAK file on the handset.  The codes are in fact so simple to find that all you will need is a hex editor and be able to key right in when inserting a new SIM card. While I have not personally tested this method, Engadget reportedly unlocked both the Captivate and Vibrant in less than five minutes time.  The other interesting part about the unlocking was that the T-Mobile Vibrant was capable of AT&T 3G using an AT&T SIM card (the same cannot be said of the AT&T Captivate). Quite surprising indeed.

So, do you want to know the best part? Well, that is that none of this requires you to actually root the device. That’s right, you can do this on good old stock. The other bit of good news is that you can re-lock the handset with the code. It is all very easy and quite safe.

Seems pretty ridiculous that Samsung would put the codes on the handset.  Although, I am not sure it really matters as the big 4 carriers all have the handset.  Anyone out there considering ditching T-Mobile for AT&T and taking their Vibrant along for the ride?

Source: Engadget and XDA-Developers

Image Source: Engadget

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  1. G__
    August 22, 20:16 Reply

    To me this is BIG news, Canada only has 2 types of phones GSM AT&T (Bell/Rogers/Telus) and GSM T-Mob (CitiMob/WIND/PblicMob).

    That means that this phone is capable of any Canadian carriers G3!

  2. opiate46
    August 23, 00:32 Reply

    I’ll stick with tmo. My coverage may not be as good, but at least I’m not dropping calls like crazy.

  3. Wilie
    August 23, 05:14 Reply

    XDA members will figure it out. No phone is safe.

  4. iy
    August 23, 08:52 Reply

    Pretty cool. Its the first phone to support both 3g. networks. Although it would have been better to see Verizon support instead. This is good for resale now !

  5. ez
    August 23, 10:23 Reply

    will we be able to take advantage of the 15 dollar medianet unlimited with this device?

  6. Allmondjoy
    March 23, 00:33 Reply

    its funni yall said tht now atnt has brought tmoble lol i have the captive and i need some pointers any ideas

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