Toshiba Smartpad to Debut Next Week, Tegra 2 Chipset Rumored

As we head into next week’s IFA, we’re getting the sense that Android may grab a decent share of headlines.  We just mentioned that Archos will be in attendance, showing off their upcoming product line and now it’s Toshiba time.  Look for the electronics giant to debut their 10-inch Android tablet, the Smartpad.

Italian website Notebook Italia has posted (translated) a few images of the device ahead of the conference, showing us a sexy black surface, rounded eges, and a sleek metal frame. Last week we reported about a rumor that Toshiba will unleash a 10-inch Android Tablet.   It’s possible to discern four buttons on the right side, a webcam, speakers, and ports for both USB and HDMI output.  The latest gossip around this guy is that he’ll have a Tegra 2 chispet under the hood when it’s launched.  September 3rd cannot get here quick enough!

My question to you guys is this: Does Toshiba have what it takes to step into the ring with the iPad?  If not them, who?

Source: I4U

  • Moombe

    The hardware can be fantastic and probably “better” than the iPad’s, but without a serious and suitable application library it will just stay a big flat screen.

    With all the Android tablets being announced this year there is still a clear lack of application ecosystem strategy. Most of these tablet providers even do not mention if they will be “Google compliant” (ie be allowed to come with the standard Google apps, including Android MArket) or if they will make the stupid mistake of believing they can launch their own particular app market for their own tablet(s).

    • Bart

      Since most Android Devices get custom roms, I hardly booted my Telstra Desire once without putting a custom ROM on it. It doesn’t worry me. The first company to get a decent affordable android tablet on the market, either Samsung or Toshiba, will get the lions share of custom ROM builders. They will include market hacks to let you install apps no matter what Google’s official policy is.