Vodafone UK Pushing Out Android 2.2 to HTC Desire Owners

MobileBurn is reporting that Android 2.2 Froyo is finally rolling out to Vodafone UK customers using the HTC Desire handset. Users on Vodafone should see the update soon if they haven’t gotten it already. It has to feel pretty damn good that they can now officially get some Froyo goodness. Let us know how you like it!


Image Source: IntoMobile

  • Saulius

    I’ve got it yesterday. Works perfectly fast. One of the new things I like, you can make landscape mode for your Desire in both ways left or right.

  • kang

    I wish T-Mobile UK would hurry up with their 2.2 roll out! I have mass Froyo envy

  • Medroid

    I like it not so much… Well, the OS itself was nice but the consequences were devastating (old horror movie sound effect please)!
    I installed FroYo OTA on my Desire a couple of weeks ago and ended up with a forced reboot loop that several N1 owners have reported earlier. Everytime i tried to do anything that required a 3G data connection it died on me, and every other time it got into a loop that only stopped when i took the battery out. It’s now being repaired, and i’m holding my thumbs in anticipation.