Google Earth 1.1 Adds Layer to Explore Oceans


An updated version of Google Earth (1.1) hit the Android Market this morning, adding a key component – oceans.  And it’s about time.  How can Google look themselves in the mirror and call it “Earth” if they omit nearly 3/4 of the planet?  All kidding aside, the new version is something special in that it lets users dive deep under the sea and check out videos and pictures of the terrain where Poseidon lays his head.

The latest version of Google Earth for Android also introduces the “Explore the Ocean” layer, which features hundreds of photos and videos from more than 100 contributors who are excited to share their stories of the sea. Plan or get a sneak peek of your next vacation during your daily commute by clicking on any of the little blue icons.

For those of you running Android 2.2 “Froyo”, you’ll be pleased to learn that you have a few added benefits.  Now that you have Flash and a true web experience, you can take advantage of the pop-up balloons that play Flash videos right in the balloon. It’s also possible to use two fingers to “look around” and adjust your viewpoint instead of relying on the on-screen button. And finally, Froyo also lets you install the app onto your SD card.  Being that the app weighs in over 20MB, this is definitely a welcome feature.

  • Renato

    Nice to have the option to install onto the SD card. However there’s still 14MB internal space required. I still can’t keep it installed.

  • gad

    i have less than 14mb of memory left on my phone,how on Google earth will be able to download Google earth? Phone manufacturers should provide atleast 1GB of memory on board.0

  • Keith

    Guess I’ll still not be using it on my Moto Droid. What were they thinking with the 256MB limit?! There should never be a limit set at 256 of anything. Anyone else remember the pains of dealing with 256k of conventional memory and trying to build that golden boot disk to run DOS games? “hmmm can I load this into extended memory? … nope How about this…”

    I’ve installed and uninstalled Google Earth twice on my phone and swore that I’d never load it again until it could be installed on my SD card now that I have Froyo. I guess I need to amend that to say “install all of it on my SD card.”

  • Hoang

    I cannot install the apk file of Google Earth v1.1. onto Motorola Milestone. The system informs “application not installed”. I uninstalled the apk of v1.0, then tried to install again this apk 1.1. However, it happened again: Application not installed”
    I downloaded the apk file v1.1 from the internet. I tried to 3 different apk files, but the same wrong thing: Application not installed.

    I tried to re-installed the apk v1.0, it informed”out of space” though i got the apk v1.0 installation succefully.

    Please help!