Samsung GALAXY Tab is Official, Coming September 2nd [VIDEO]

Next week is going to be a momentous occasion in the world of Android.  Samsung is poised to unveil the first true iPad challenger with their GALAXY Tab.  No longer rumors and near-complete speculation, the tablet has been formally outted.  Check out the teaser site that just went live for the device and commence drooling.  We’re given but a few moments of the device, but it’s more than enough to grab our attention.  The clip calls out features like navigation, video calling, full web browsing, HD movie play, and Android 2.2.  Nothing we haven’t heard before, but it’s thrilling nonetheless.  The very end of the 20 second spot tells us that September 2nd will be the day we’ll learn all the official details.  Head to where we presume more details will land next week once the Berlin event is over.

Anyone else digging the creepy robotic tones from the clip?

  • Scot

    if you take a look at 0:03 in the video it appears to have a split panel gmail app akin to the ipad’s mail app:

  • No sign of price. And some of the pics indicate Swype inclusion me thinks. Price is going to be the real make it or break it IMHO.

  • hos238

    From the video it looks like Samsung has it’s own app store? God I hope it has access to the general Android store, or it’s a fail.

  • opiate46

    I love how the ad below is for the invisible shield for the galaxy line. Gorilla glass does not need a screen protector.

  • This looks great. I wonder if the video quality will be better. I would love to use the video calling capabilities. I was going to get an ipad in just a few weeks but I think I’ll hold off.

  • I think I just wet myself a little.

  • I’m sure there will be one or 2 people waiting to see what the Galaxy offers before deciding on an iPad. It’s good to see some real competition in the market.

  • cpuente

    Will the galaxy tab feature hdmi and usb ports?

  • cpuente

    The ipad has neither that’s why it sucks.