T-Mobile G2 May Launch on September 29th

We’ve gotten word that the G2, T-Mobile‘s first official HSPA+ phone, will be launching on September 29th. This is only a rumor, so nothing’s set in stone just yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Tmo confirms this date at a later time.

This killer device is rumored to have a rather good-looking 4-row QWERTY keyboard along with the HSPA+ capabilities mentioned above. Beyond that, we expect superphone-level specs, but don’t know for sure yet. We’ll let you know if T-Mobile changes or confirms the September 29th launch date. Anyone excited for this device?

Via TmoNews

  • Cranky Bear

    So far, I can’t get too excited. The only things this has going for it over the Vibrant are HSPA+ (which means nothing here in Chicago), a physical keyboard (but only 4 rows, and I could learn to like Swype), and a camera flash (superiority over Samsung’s Night Mode is up for debate). There’s also the question of whether Sense will be put on the G2, which fuels further debate. I’m waiting for the official specs announcement. If I’m not suitably impressed, I’m trading in my G1 for a Vibrant.

  • Stone37

    I’m more pissed than excited. I was led to believe that the My Touch Slide (great phone by the way) would be the closest thing to the G1’s replacement. While I’m hoping I’m not stuck with the Slide for 2 years (will wait for a 1 year full discount promotion) having to wait at all erks me….

  • Mr_Hand

    I’m glad I didn’t get the Slide 3g….almost did but then caught wind of this bout a month ago, so i decided to hold out…word is that current tmo customers will get an early grab at this phone! Bout time, I been TMO for 8years!

  • mandroid

    So why are they still making Sliding keyboards? It just seems like such a pain. Am I wrong?

    • Travis

      Many people, such as myself, prefer them. More accurately, I prefer the OPTION of using a software keyboard or a physical one. There’s no shortage of Android phones with only a software keyboard, it’s nice to see a GOOD phone come out with a physical one.

      I’m still using my G1, I can’t wait for the G2!

      • keisha

        I am also excited for the G2 and also still using my G1. I’m typing on it right this moment actually. I also want a physical keyboard. For me its quite simple I have long nails, professional working length but; still they are about an 1/8 of an inch from my finger tip. With an all touch screen phone i’d never be able to write even lil messages like this. I really hope that they do let current tmos at the phones first. I love this G1 but I am getting annoyed with the battery drainage now that the phone is aging…

        • Gina

          I bought a new battery from Radio Shack a few months back, it is amazing. It was like 24.99 and works perfect for the G1, dare I say better than the original. Before I lost the charge in a few hours, now my G1 can make it through the entire day no problem.

          • Leigh

            I got one for $12 with a charger on eBay, 2400 mAh. It’s been on about 24 hours now, for its first calibration. Still not dead.

    • Phil

      >> So why are they still making Sliding keyboards? It just seems like such a pain. Am I wrong?

      It depends on the use case. I use my phone to access Linux servers via SSH – first off, try typing this on a touch keyboard:

      ps -axw | grep smb[d]

      or this:

      for (x=0; x<LOOP_LIM; ++x) {

      You'll soon start to appreciate the hardware keyboard. Also, if you're actually using your phone to edit text, or shell into a remote host, you don't wind up wasting half of the screen space with the virtual keyboard. I suspect that's why Sprint (targeting business users more than personal users) has a full five-row keyboard on their Samsung Galaxy S (Epic) device – that phone looks like the _real_ successor to the G1, it just came out on the wrong network.

  • I went to buy a new phone yesterday, and the salesman at the TMobile store said they’re expecting them out on September 21, but was unsure if they were going to presell it like they did the G1.

  • Felicia

    I am more then excited! I have the My Touch and just found out T mob upgraded me from flex pay to a regular plan! they said I can do a new 2 yr upgrade on the 23rd of sept. So i really hope the 29th is the right date!

    As far as the keyboard goes I find that a major plus.. Although the mytouch has been good to me, the on screen keyboard freezes and when you type to fast it has a huge problem with delays. Whats better then having a choice?!? I loved my G1 so I expect a lot from G2!!


    • Jay

      Y and how did T-Mobile upgrade you from flex pay to monthly?

  • Not sure yet but I think this may be a contender for replacing my Nexus 1. Will it come with Froyo? Will it allow local wifi tethering, like I have now?

  • Emile

    I’m excited but tentative. I was hoping for more of a stylized look. This looks kind of plain and it has a four row keyboard instead of five. I don’t know what the specs are for real yet. If the specs are good enough I’ll get it, if not i’ll pass.

  • M-JO

    I just noticed that T-Mobile has a signup page regarding the G2 for “exclusive first access to current T-Mobile customers” at http://g2.t-mobile.com/ . I appreciated that it included an OPT-IN for T-Mobile spam rather than an opt-out or no option.

    I have to jump on the physical keyboard boat. As a small business owner who travels a great deal locally, having a “pocket office” is super. And since I am in accounting the dedicated number keys are a non-negotiatable.

    Am still using my G1 and have looked an Android phones from every manufacturer and carrier but all of them have major BLOATWARE. I don’t want anything between me and my Android!

  • simone

    I’ve been holdin on to my g1 waitin for this day! I love my g1 and can’t wait for the release of the g2.

  • tehani

    I love love love my g1! I have long nails as well so the keyboard is a major plus for me. I went to tmo to fiddle with the Vibrant. I really liked it…but it doesn’t have the keyboard or a flash so I wasn’t ready to commit. The g2 has both?! So glad the sales guy told me about it…I am waiting to see it. I have had my g1 for 2 yrs (first set of pre-orders) and I just haven’t seen a phone I love more. I hope the g2 is everything it says it is =)

  • Just moments ago I got a text message from T-Mobile – my G2 has shipped!!! UPS tracking shows 9/30/10 arrival date!!!

  • Awesome specs, expecting another corker of a phone from T mobile!!..