Is This a Leaked Froyo Build for the G2? [UPDATE 2: It’s Not Sense!]

At this point, I think we have all the confirmation we need to tie up the HTC Vision to the T-Mobile G2 and  the FCC filing we saw this week for the HTC PC10100.  I was stopped dead in my afternoon RSS trolling today when I  came across what appears to be a test ROM for the somewhat-acknowledged G2.  Now, I will be the first to admit that I am no expert on ROMs, but I do know this could be pretty big stuff. The file, listed as “Test rom for HTC Vision / T-Mobile G2 (Android-Froyo 2.2)” can be downloaded from the link below.I asked another one of the AndroidGuys (Chuck) to see what he could make out of the link and told me, “…the link goes to a page on another site that is COMPLETELY in Chinese. I figured out which are the download links, but none of the mirrors work– they all return an error page of some sort, but it’s also in Chinese.”

UPDATE: Here’s a spreadsheet that comes in the ZIP file that adds a few more details, including bootloader and kernel info.  Wonder if the XDA guys are gonna chew this up tonight?

Anyone feeling froggy enough to give it a shot, too?  Let me know what happens!

Update 2: Zapote21 has hacked his way in, posted a wallpaper from the build and, best of all, confirmed that it is a stock, plain vanilla Android build: no Sense UI! He has also packaged it up in a “more friendly” format for those of you who’d like to poke around and tinker.

Via: 911HTC

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  • Downloading now, from the site. I will unzip it and check it out. I sorta know my way around Roms. It might take a while, I am on a decent internet connection yet it says 2 hours lol. But when I get it downloaded and inspected I will let you guys know. Nice find by the way.

  • benderunit9000

    will make a new mirror of it ala dropbox.

  • Jeeper251

    ROM version 1.12.531.0
    Model Number T-Mobile G2

    Build Number 1.12.531.0 CL235009 test-keys
    Radio Version
    Data Rate HSDPA 14.4M + HSUPA 5.76M
    Kernel Version
    Bootloader Version 0.76.2000

    CustID 54661
    RIL Version HTC-RIL 2.2.0011G
    MID PC1010000
    CID T-MOB010
    PRI N/A
    PRL N/A
    Release Date 2010/08/20
    Release Purpose Engineering Test

    • Jeeper251

      File Name Link to Files Checksum \\htcsimtmd\releasestore2\AA_Release_Android\Vision\Id144460_Vision_TMOUS_1.12.531.0\ruu_output\ 0x766aea2b \\htcsimtmd\releasestore2\AA_Release_Android\Vision\Id144460_Vision_TMOUS_1.12.531.0\ruu_output\ 0x1c844426 \\htcsimtmd\releasestore2\AA_Release_Android\Vision\Id144460_Vision_TMOUS_1.12.531.0\ruu_output\ 0xb8d33f1a \\htcsimtmd\releasestore2\AA_Release_Android\Vision\Id144460_Vision_TMOUS_1.12.531.0\ruu_output\ 0x38413511

      No Description
      1 For SST test in the weekend and upload the build to google to verify google voice issue.

  • Hi
    is this the TMobile G2 that is actually an HTC Hero? Or is it the newly announced US TMobile G2?…..

    • Acsteffy87

      Really? why would it be the hero. Thats the G2 Touch in the UK but obviously its the HTC Vision, not the Hero.


      It’ll be G3 or G1 Rocket/Blaze here in the UK

  • ninja4life

    so dis is da rom for da G2?? damm

    • Acsteffy87

      yes, dis is da rom for da G2. Do people talk like this on purpose?

  • coggy9

    sadly, yes. They think its cool.

  • downloaded and extracted, but segmentation fault when trying to unyaffs the system.img file. not real sure what is causing the segmentation fault but hopefully we can pull this thing apart and play for a bit until the phone comes out.

  • Is there any way if you can find out if it’s Stock Android or HTC Sense from the rom?

    • if we can open it up we could find out

  • best lake

  • comoc85

    YES!!! Stock Android 2.2 on Tmobile FINALLY!! Can’t wait for this phone to come out. I’ve been sitting here with my thumb up my @$$ with this Cliq. Worst phone purchase of all time!


      errr, G1 had Stock Android

      • IUCIDIUM

        oh, sorry. Stock Froyo…Exciting isnt it? this handset should get the same OTA love as the Nexus One!

  • steve

    First thing of note is a new version of google voice…

  • Raphael

    It also has lots of extra apps, not generally on a stock Android
    PbAndroid.apk (This is a PhotoBucket app)
    Swype.apk (Yes… Swype)

    • Nameless

      It might be for diagnostics.

      If this was a test of how everything works on the G2. It would be best to have some apps that would be best tested to see how it would function on said device.

      You cannot just slap an OS on something and expect that since that is working fine the apps will work just as fine now. It would be assuming too much.

      I am happy to see that this has Stock OS and not any variant. I do not have to wait forever for a company to release a update when the stock update has been out for months. I am looking forward on purchasing this!

  • Anyone who’s already using 2.2, officially or otherwise, here’s an awesome tip. Using the DeskClockGoogle.apk from this dump fixes the “Set Alarm” voice actions command! I just installed it on my rooted G1 running 2.2 and it works perfectly. You have to remove your existing desk clock app from /system/app first, then install the new one. I posted about it on XDA, too:

  • Mark

    Wow, I just got ten times more excited. This is my perfect phone!

    A G1 with a better chip, a better network, and a hopefully decent keyboard. And stock Froyo! What’s not to like!

    All those pre-installed Google apps are interesting. I wonder will Google be giving this phone special blessing?

  • Google confirms that they won’t develop Nexus Two but not mean no G2, right ?

  • MooMoo

    This is just the engineering test build to make sure Radio works, and check HSPA+ reception/troubleshooting.

    Actual Build is SenseUI based, similar to the MyTouch 3G Slide.

    Hardware-wise, Snapdragon 1Ghz (kernel might be capping the max cpu speed to ~800 for battery life due to hspa+)
    FM Radio & WMA/WMV playback enabled
    Android Ver: Froyo 2.2
    Input Editors: Swype, and HTC IKE (International Keyboard Editor), seems like T-Mobile locked it down to en-us and es-es though.

    • Zapote21

      No its not. G2 will be stock, MT HD will be Sense Espresso just like the Slide.