Droid Incredible Now Expected to See Froyo Update Tomorrow


Think of this post as a Monopoly-style “Bank error in your favor“.  The Droid Incredible is now expected to see Android 2.2 updates as early as tomorrow, August 27th.  This is a few days earlier than what we had last heard and only a couple of weeks beyond the initial rumored time frame.  If you have one of these HTC beauties, you’ll soon be experiencing Flash 10.1, automatic app updates, 3G mobile hotspots, and much more!  In the meanwhile, you brave rooting souls can grab it yourself.


  1. Well I have been emailing HTC and Verizon both HTC has said the same thing if anything where to happen it will be released on there site they are pretty good with updating people as I had been emailing the daily and early this week I sent an email to Verizon and today got a phone call and the guy called me about my email saying there is nothing on the update and they are still working on some bugs even the original Droid witch got froyo is having problems just thought I would let u guys no I hope I’m wrong and they do release it early but if they do hope there is no bugs

  2. I just called Verizon and talked with tech support and the lady told me that the 2.2 upgrade
    is starting to be pushed out today and will be completed in 2-3 days.