Froyo Build for Droid Incredible Leaked

Android Central is reporting that a new Froyo build for the Droid Incredible has recently been outed into the wild.  Now you Incredible owners don’t have to wait for rumors to come true to have some Froyo goodness on your handset.

Here is a link to the XDA Forum thread giving instruction on how to flash and install the ROM.  Let us know your experience with installing and using it!  Open Source Community FTW!

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  1. cyanogen
    August 26, 13:30 Reply

    Not to be a troll here, but what on earth does a leaked copy of proprietary software have to do with open source? It’s pretty much the exact opposite.

    • Eric
      August 26, 14:29 Reply


      thanks for all your work on the DINC Cyan. Koush too!

      Made the phone exactly what it is supposed to be.

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