Join us for AGTN TONIGHT!

Starting at 9:00 pm CST, join the Android Guys and their buddies as they come together to talk about all things Android!

On tonight’s AGTN:

The developers from the new 3rd party app Market, Andspot

The guys behind Smartlock 2.0 will also join us!

We are giving away 5 Zooly cases courtesy of the Droid Blog and Cheap Droid

AppNation is right around the corner, we will be talking about the event and how one of our very own will be LIVE in San Fran for the event.

All this along with Trevor Fail, the Android Stock Exchange and Aaron doing his amazing sound effects with his mouth.  Don’t miss it!  The Android Guys Thursday Night Droid-Cast!

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  1. Tim
    August 26, 21:33 Reply

    How? I always come across these posts while browsing my reader feed on my eris, and have several times attempted to find a way to participate and maybe win cool stuff, but there are never good “to listen”instructions, or tips on how to listen live on my android. Sorry for being an idiot.

  2. Randy
    August 27, 09:39 Reply

    Same as Tim, I’ve been looking for a link to put into my Droid 1 so I can listen at work.

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