Leaked G2 Build Indicates a New Processor Platform


Remember that G2 ROM we came across in our RSS reader yesterday?  Well, the Android developer community has had 24 hours or so to rip that sucker apart, giving us the rewards of different information about the new G2 Handset.

The latest news comes from none other than Cyanogen himself, telling the community that the ROM that we found will be running on the new Qualcomm chipset, MSM7X30, detailed in a post over at Android Police.A quote from the Android Police article lays out for us what the new chipset is going to offer in way of features:

  • 720P video encoding (recording) and decoding at 30FPS
  • Integrated 2D/3D GPU’s with OpenGL ES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1 API support
  • 5.1 surround sound output
  • Up to 12 megapixel camera support
  • Integrated GPS
  • Support for processor speeds between 800MHz and 1GHz (Scorpion CPU’s, same as Snapdragon’s)

Here is to hoping that these indeed are the hardware specs for the G2 ,the good news is that we might not have very long to wait to find out!


  1. Actually, this processor is quite a bit more powerful than today’s Snapdragons at least from GPU perspective. Older Snapdragons use Adreno 200 GPU while this one uses 205 which is about 4 times more powerful! This chipset seriously brings down the gap between current generation Snapdragons and Samsung’s Hummingbird.

    If you are not familiar with the GPU line-up from Qualcomm, here’s an interesting article for you. 🙂