New Pictures from the 7 inch Samsung Galaxy-Tab/Pad


Personally, I have yet to be tired of hearing about news regarding Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.  Unfortunately, our latest offering isn’t big news like the teaser site going live, however, we have a bunch of new pictures courtesy of  There’s a picture that reconfirms the Galaxy Tab will come with Android 2.2 Froyo, as well as a few that show off the large display and full web browser.  I am hugely excited to hear more details about this new device and any new pictures that surface immediately have my attention.

What do you guys think? IPad Killer, gimmick, oversized Galaxy S?  Who’s looking forward to a release?


    • Haha i was just about to type the samething. What is with that proprietary bullcrap? This went from a possible buy to a BIG FAT HELL NO!

    • samsung galaxy design its much more better and the price is reasonable, iphone its to expensive. my sister and my iphone already broken, only brand name (iphone) but lousy and i regret to buy iphone, its real regret

  1. Like you two, the first thought that came to my head was the crappy connections.

    I think I see other holes though, what are they for? Memory card or other connections?

  2. They use PDMI, which look like Apples connector, but isnt. Apples IS proprietary, PDMI is a new standard that will become common an larger mobile devices like pads.

    • That’s all well and good however what if I were to purchase this, owning a T-Mobile Vibrant, I would not be able to use one cable for both of my devices = FAIL

      • You wont anyway. Does micro USB do HDMI out? You might be able to charge them both from the same cable, but thats it. PDMI is a single cable that charges and has audio and HD video out as well as all the usual USB stuff.

  3. honestly, the cable is the least of my concerns. Who these days does not have an extra port on their USB hub. I buy an extra cable anyway (microusb or not) and stick it in my bag so that is not a big deal.

    Now, I own a iPad and like (wife loves it). I will be getting this device probably at launch. We switched our iPhones for Captivates and love them. The rest of the house is all mac and linux machines (trying to kill any windows in the house at all). I think that any device that can truly give apple a run for their money will be something based on Android as the Chrome OS tablets I do not think will do it, and they are so far behind the game now. Android at least has a stable base with their phone market, and so people are less afraid to test the waters on a tablet that is similar in look, feel and operation to what they have on their handheld already.

    The big killer will be the price point. Is the marketing power, and volume that Samsung doing with the Galazy S phones going to help keep the price for the Tablets in the same range, or less then the iPads, or not. Also, how does the always on data work. Are we going to have to signup with a carrier or is this a WiFi only device (will be a bummer if it is). These are the two things for me that really are the sticklers.

    I am excited to see Android get into the home market. I am gonna buy a iPad for my 70 year old father in-law (his first computer ever) unless the Galaxy Tab is just a complete brain dead replacement.

  4. will it fit into a pocket? it will be okay if it just barely does. I have a Vibrant and it is close to a complete device but i still want a bigger screen for websites.

  5. YES!! I will get it! I need some thing just nice to fix my pocket or my bagpack (small size) and just big enough for reading and doing planing.

  6. samsung galaxy design its much more better and the price is reasonable, iphone its to expensive and my sister and mine 3Gs already broken, im really regret, no good iphone only (brand name) but no quality, its true dont buy it. you will regret expensive and lousy.