TeleNav Unveils OnMyWay for Android

TeleNav is releasing another handy application, OnMyWay into the Android Market today. You know TeleNav, don’t you?  They’re the brains behind your Sprint and AT&T navigation titles. To describe their new (free) app’s premise, I think it’s best to use it in a short hypothetical scenario.

Let’s say you are on your way to a ten o’clock brunch meeting and you’ve got a an hour drive ahead of you. You start off on time, but later you find yourself stuck in traffic and it looks like you’re going to be late. What’s the best way to to let everyone know what time you’ll actually get to the restaurant? You don’t want to call everyone, do you?  And we all know better than to text while driving, right? OnMyWay does this for you.

OnMyWay alerts a pre-set recipient or group of people as to your status and ETA. Set the notification right before you start driving and everyone gets an alert (text and/or e-mail) that tells them when you are expected to arrive at the destination. If you run into anything that might delay you, OnMyWay automatically sends an update to those that matter.  Their new message tells them that you’ll be late and provides the updated ETA.  This way, you don’t have to worry about anything but driving safely.

To create an OnMyWay notification, you’ll need to follow a few quick steps:

  • Input a destination
  • Enter a scheduled appointment time
  • Selects or enter phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses to send alerts to
  • Start!

Your phone contacts are integrated into the app so there’s no need to hunt anything down.  Further, you have the option to send personal messages with your notifications.  For those of you worried about privacy, OnMyWay never shows your specific location, nor does it share it with any recipients.  Keep your eyes peeled for OnMyWay in the Android Market!

  • SaggyBalls

    Or, you know, you could call ONE of the people you’re having brunch with and they could then pass along the message to everyone else. Ridiculous.

  • anon

    Agreed totally ridiculous BTW Google nav ftw

  • OK. So is this just a Glympse clone? What does it offer that is better than Glympse (which, I might add, is a great application).

  • Smitch

    There’s no reason why Google Nav shouldn’t have this feature– you should just be able to click your ETA, it should give you a “share with…” and you then pick a service– text, twitter, etc.