Verizon Pushing Update to Droid for Flash 10.1

Verizon has officially begun pushing an update out to Droid handsets today, allowing users to download Flash 10.1 to their phone.  This should bring the circle complete on the Android 2.2 update for the Motorola device.  Adding Flash 10.1 will enrich casual games, videos, rich internet  applications, and more.  If you have a Droid handset, you’re advised to be on the lookout for the update.

  • soldierblade

    Any idea if this will be a more specific and optimized apk for the a855, or is this the same choppy and wiggly flash that we’ve had available to us using rooted phones with cyanogenmod 6?

  • koency

    good,that can play more flash game and guild wars 2 gold