October 23, 2014

More Evidence that G2 is launching 9/29

It looks as though some pretty convincing evidence has surfaced regarding Big Magenta’s successor to the G1, the HTC Vision/Tmobile G2.  Speculation has been going on for months about the G2, and we have covered it every step of the way, but this is the first time we have some hardcore evidence supporting the September 29th launch date.

TmoNews supplied photographic proof that there is indeed a handset dropping on Tmo on September 29th and all evidence points to this being the launch of the G2.  Everybody still holding on to their original G1 (cough…me) can breathe a sign a relief…the Vibrant was looking good for a while, but I’m a sucker for a hardware keyboard.

Who can’t wait for the G2 to drop?

Image: TmoNews