Evo-like Android Device Breaks Cover, Possibly Headed for Verizon

BoyGenius is reporting this evening on a 4.3 inch, kickstand packing, HTC Monster that is said to be launching on Verizon.  BGR is describing it as a Nexus One with a 4.3 inch screen.  The device is said to have an 8 megapixel camera, 3.5 mm headphone jack, as well as a front facing camera (boo-yah!). Oh, and get this, it might even be global!

No name, processor, or release date yet, but hopefully this will come soon. Might just be the U.S. version of the HTC Desire HD. As soon as we get an update, or find something else out folks, we will let all of you know ASAP! Click on the source link for more images!

Pretty sexy handset, right?

Source: BoyGeniusReport

Image Source: BoyGeniusReport

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  1. Ragflan
    August 27, 19:15 Reply

    Sexy or not, if this handset isn’t going to international markets, I officially hate HTC. I mean, COME ON! US already has Droid X, Droid 2, Evo 4G and Epic 4G to choose from. They don’t yet ANOTHER handset. The rest of the world does!

    • Joe A.
      August 29, 10:00 Reply

      @Ragflan, the Droid X and the Droid 2 are Motorola devices, not HTC. Also, countries like the UK are seeing a delay in 4G phones, like the Evo and Epic, because of a lack of 4G service. I’m sure that once mobile carriers in Europe and Asia bring up 4G, or 4G-like speeds, HTC, Motorola, and the other manufacturers will release 4G phones.

  2. Drew
    August 28, 18:27 Reply

    How do they know this is going to Verizon just by looking at it? Are there some other facts we don’t know about? I feel like this looks like what project Emerald could really be on Tmobile! Fingers crossed!!! I need it!

    • AM123
      August 28, 21:50 Reply

      Unfortunately, evidence is pointing to Project Emerald being the kiddish MyTouch HD. :( This picture has ruined the Tmobile G2 for me.

  3. mux
    August 30, 10:03 Reply

    This looks like the UKs Desire HD and US mytouch HD…multiple blogs and sources are pretty much saying that this will be T-Mobiles big bang for the US holidays… pdadb.net shows all of the specs and its freqs pointing it to TMobile….October release???? i hope sooo!!!! Cant wait to toss my shitty cliq for this gorgeous baby….

  4. Jarry
    August 31, 18:33 Reply

    My guess is the HTC Merge

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