October 1, 2014

G2 ROM Has Google Voice Widget, other Goodies

The G2 ROM we broke the other day has been getting some attention this week.  Shortly after we posted the article, clever developers and hackers started pulling it apart and searching for hidden goodies.  Right away, we were treated to things like the wallpapers and information about the new Qualcomm processorLate last night, one of the guys from DroidDog loaded it onto his handset to see what he could uncover.  He found that the “With Google” in the G2 means “just about every Google app available for Android comes already installed on the device.”  Among the Google applications is a new Google Voice widget and various customizations that are done when initially setting the phone up.  You know, to make the phone more “you”.  Does the updated Voice mean Google is up to something new and special?  Maybe, maybe not.  Could be time for an upgraded app and nothing more.  It’s always fun to dream though.

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