Google Ends Phone Support for Nexus One

Google has ended their phone support for the Nexus One.  If you dial the old tech support number of 888.486.3987 today, you’ll be played a recording with a new number to call for HTC support (888.216.4736) instead.  I debated on whether or not to even post this one.  Not because it’s a minor news article, but because it probably doesn’t matter to the people it affects most directly.  To be more clear, the people who bought a Nexus One are largely developers and tech-savvy early adopters who don’t need much help.  However, we realize there are those of you out there who would still like to be in the know.

Thanks to Jeff for the heads up!

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  1. Matt
    August 27, 16:42 Reply

    I disagree. I am one of those tech savvy people you mention, but I recently used the phone support number because it was the only customer support outlet available to me from Google.

    See, there’s a Google Calendar bug that people have been complaining about on Android forums for months now, but Google is completely silent and unresponsive about it. I called the phone support number, because technically it was a problem with my phone so I figured SOMEONE would have to at least listen to me. Supposedly that someone forwarded the issue along to a team somewhere.

    Whether they did or not I suppose doesn’t matter. I’m just glad that there was someone to listen to me.

    The moral of the story is that Google, quite simply, has no customer support presence whatsoever. None. They’re deaf to their users, even when it comes to obvious bugs.

  2. Bo
    August 27, 17:00 Reply

    It really baffles me (as proud owner of NexusOne) how phone this good was so grossly misunderstood and mistreated. Google really blew it or was it intentional? At least now I feel like I belong to some closed club especially given that I got my phone free

  3. Kevin I. Slaughter
    August 29, 09:31 Reply

    love my N1, hate that Google Voice voicemail won’t work as default voicemail with my no-contract T-mobile plan. That was a large reason I bought the phones (me and my wife) at full price to get the “pure Android/Google experience”.

    • Brett S
      September 04, 15:45 Reply


      I use Google Voice voicemail on a T-Mobile USA no-contract plan without any problems.

  4. roebling
    August 29, 11:20 Reply

    Nexus One owners need a support line for the one shortcoming of that Uber phone, it’s on/off switch. That’s likely an HTC issue and not a Google one, so the change in the support line seems better than reasonable. Granted, HTC service pretty well bites, but on the plus side, now when we call for service, we won’t have to answer the Google Service survey.

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