March 3, 2015

(UPDATE) Motorola Backflip Rooted, Courtesy of ModMyMobile

As the title of this article (and blurrycam shot above) indicates, the guys over at have gained root access to the MotoBlur-packin’ Motorola Backflip. I know what you’re thinking: “Another crazy root process that we’ve never seen before”, but actually, they just used the Droid 2 root method that we told you about on Wednesday and it seemed to work. Overall, it looks like the Backflip just got a little better (but to be honest, it couldn’t have been much worse).

No ROMs as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Is anyone planning to root their Backflip?

UPDATE: We forgot to mention that this root method also works with the Motorola Cliq XT. Enjoy!

Go Android!

Source:  ModMyMobile, ATTDroids

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