Officially Confirmed: Verizon Rolling out Froyo to Droid Incredible

The wait is over for Droid Incredible owners as Verizon has officially begun rolling Android 2.2 out.  If you have the HTC super phone, you should see a notification pop up letting you know about all the great stuff that comes with Froyo.  As if you don’t already know.  We received an email just a few moments ago with the confirmation.

Verizon Wireless has begun pushing Froyo, Android 2.2, to the Droid Incredible by HTC. This update will include Flash Player 10.1 pre-installed, 3G Mobile HotSpot capable, support for 720p video recording and more. For more information and the complete list of benefits go to

  • Havoc70

    Too bad not 1 person has seen it yet.

    • Riddlin

      Nope I have not seen it.

  • anthony

    i am happy to see this also called verizon and in the system they say it is rolling out. but nothing yet. they are saying it could take up to a week for everyone to get it idk. will post if anything comes up on my phone

  • Richard

    I have not received the upgrade notice and you can believe me, I have been looking! It is Friday, 8/27 late evening…..These rumors are getting tiring. The last I saw it was 9/1 and now this. When it gets on my phone finally, then I know for sure FROYO is here!

  • Tom

    I just got it this morning! Woohoo!

    • AJ

      Post a picture. let us see it

  • ben

    Tom, how is it?

  • ace

    I got it! Not Wtf

  • Tom

    8/31/2010, still no Froyo. Does it matter if I’m running Advanced Task Killer?

  • JF

    Got my Froyo update this morning. Took 20 minutes and things are working fabulously. Just need to call and activate the hotspot ($15/mo).