Droid Pro = Global Droid 2


We’re getting news from Engadget that the rumored “Droid Pro” is actually a global version of the Motorola Droid 2.  Big Red may choose to call it the “Droid 2 World Edition” or “Droid Pro,” but it’s nearly set in stone that it will be a world phone (i.e. it will work on both CDMA and GSM networks). As of now, there aren’t any Android world phones on Verizon, so this would break new ground. Presumably, the specs and form factor would be the same as the Droid 2, but we’ll keep you in the know as we hear more.

Anyone excited about the Droid Pro?


    • I believe the point they were trying to make was that there are currently no android phones on Verizon that have the GSM capability while will retaining the CDMA compatibility.

    • You know t-mobile is GSM and they have a little something called UMA where whenever one connects to a wi-fi network, all calls are routed through the internet (incoming and outgoing) and originate from the U.S. This is a huge draw for international travelers because you can take your US phone overseas, connect to a local wi-fi network and still receive and make calls on your US number as if you’re still in the US without international roaming charges! Blackberry’s do this out of the box, and the Android G2 comes out Sept 29th which out specs the Droid 2 is rumored to have UMA. The G2 has confirmed to have HSPA+ data access which gives it internet download speeds which are faster than Sprint’s 4G service…. and they don’t charge you extra for it.

      Plus T-Mobile’s network is better overall.

  1. I’ll upgrade my Moto Droid to the Droid 2 Pro when it hits. I’m just happy I’ll finally have a decent keyboard once I make the switch – l love my Moto Droid!

  2. I am a new nexus owner, and was a 3 month brand new Motorola milestone owner..I am very disappointed with Motorola support..too long waiting for rom update..i will not buy any Motorola product nor suggest moto product to our community again..I am very happy with my second hands nexus one phone now..

    Die moto die…follow palm destiny! !!!

  3. Jo.. Really? That Mad at Moto?

    Nexus One died the bad death of falling on its own sword, Moto will live on no matter as Jah is cracking the whip on the company.

    I have to say Moto has a long way to go, but still a good USA based company and if anything is going to pull the US out of the recession it’s going to be buying American products, not Korean, or European handsets..

    My $0.02

  4. Have been waiting a long time to upgrade with the hopes of a global Droid (SIM card). This news made my day and my decision! Finally a chance to enter the 21st century with all the right bells and whistles.

  5. While I realize this thread is comatose if not dead…i’m waiting to learn if the Droid Pro will also be an LTE-capable device. Or hoping to learn that?

  6. Can the Droid Pro be a suitable replacement for the Palm Treo?

    This is all HP had to do initially after purchasing Palm. Release a similar device like this with a tough screen, qwerty keyboard, WebOS/WinMobile. How hard would that have been