More Images of Samsung Galaxy Tab Surface, CDMA Version Possibly in the Works


More images of Samsung’s super-charged Galaxy Tab have surfaced on the web.  Apparently an iAndroid forum stalker took these photos (he sent them to Engadget).  The individual said the device was fast, had loud speakers, and mentioned it could run Flash 10.1. It even made phone calls.  Overall, it seemed to be a win. Oh, and take a look at the image below, it says CDMA, making me believe a CDMA version of this tablet is possibly in the works (although at this point, all we have is the sticker)!

I said it before and i will say it again, I want this tablet!

Do you think we will see a CDMA version of this? Let us know below!

Image Source: Engadget

Source: Engadget and iAndroid


    • Seriously? You’re crying about the lone proprietary connector but the surplus of ports, flash, phone connectability, android, etc… makes this a fail? C’mon, it is just one connector which you can buy a backup for probably for less than $20 before long at amazon or wherever.

      This thing is going to be awesome.