Stable Version of CyanogenMod 6 Now Available for Download

Great news! CyanogenMod 6 is now “stable” and available for download!  For most phones, you’ll need access to the root and boot-loader.  If you are a first-timer, make sure to head over the Cyanogen’s site for full directions as you could brick your phone if you are not careful.  Click on the source link for phones supported and all the rest of your needs. I am flashing my Nexus One now!

Happy flashing!

Source: CyanogenMod

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  1. Tyler
    August 29, 11:58 Reply

    It’s just about unusable on my Incredible, far from stable.

    • Chris
      August 29, 22:45 Reply

      Try 6.0.1. Initially the kernel was booting overclocked. Koush fixed it. Runs great.

  2. Javier
    August 29, 13:15 Reply

    Okay, I tried searching the site and I can’t find a basic ‘how to’ I would really like this update, can someone help?

  3. Nick
    August 29, 13:33 Reply

    Just installed it on my G1, and it works great. This should hold me over another month until I can get the G2.

  4. Chris
    August 29, 15:41 Reply

    What difference it makes.Got Nexus One Froyo.What extra i get after downloading CyanogenMod 6.Someone knows?

    • Travis
      August 30, 18:02 Reply

      I wouldn’t bother installing it if you have a Nexus One with the official Android 2.2.

      This works well for people like me who have a G1 that will never get an official Froyo build.

    • Ken Pennett
      September 01, 23:41 Reply

      All sorts of Custom colors “clock/icon highlight”
      The ability to do things like hide your notification bar “too late for me” it’s already burnt into the screen :(
      Hide Action buttons… (the phone & Browser) Change your Widgets size’s how many columns & rows per page CPU Over clocking (Not really needed but) countless other Tweaks in the ROM :) not every one finds then needed or even cares though…
      Those who do care appreciate the efforts that went into the outcome it’s a community thing also so….. enjoy :)

  5. Peter
    August 29, 15:55 Reply

    will it work on the Spring Htc Hero ?

  6. jeremy
    August 29, 16:35 Reply

    @javier… google cyanogenmod wiki.
    its rockin on my G1!!!! loving it so far!

  7. jayzus
    August 29, 16:42 Reply

    It will work on:
    Google Nexus One
    HTC Aria
    HTC Dream / HTC Magic
    HTC Desire
    HTC Evo
    HTC Hero CDMA
    HTC Hero GSM
    HTC Incredible
    HTC MyTouch 3G Slide
    Motorola Droid

    I think only the Galaxy S version is still in-progress, but that’s not expected to release until CM 6.1.

    Javier, check for some easy how-to guides.

  8. Matt
    August 30, 00:22 Reply

    I took my maiden voyage into ‘modding’ today. Followed the directions for rooting and flashing a custom ROM to my G1.

    Installed this cyanogen rom, and so far so good. I too can be held over for a few months until contract expiration time.

  9. Lipe
    August 30, 23:50 Reply

    I installed saturday on my droid 1 is great runs so fast and i download it flash 10.1 from the market great job cyanogen firts i root my droid with easy root then i install rom manger from the market the you download the rom is very easy this process

  10. Tracy
    September 02, 23:04 Reply

    It works almost flawlessly on my MT3G 1.2, camera wouldn’t connect so I reverted back to previous CyanogenMod for now. :(

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