(Updated) Bing for Android Now Available for Verizon Customers Only

The long awaited Bing for Android application was unveiled today by Microsoft.  The app is extremely sharp and features a daily featured image, just like Bing on the desktop.   In addition to this, you can also swipe through seven days’ worth of images. Microsoft’s own voice search also works with Android’s speech-to-text function, and you can use Bing Maps to find your way around town. It is very comprehensive application.

Unfortunately, however, at this point, the app is exclusive to Verizon Wireless and their customers.  As such, it is only available in the Verizon Wireless channel of the Android Market. Not really sure if this is a good idea or not, but hey, it’s their plan.

Overall, it seems extremely solid, I know I will be using it from time to time.  How soon do you think before it leaks out to all phones?

Update: Bing for Android has already leaked out via XDA-Developers. Get the .APK file here! It works great!

Source: Bing

  • If Microsoft wants people to use Bing, this is a terrible way to go about doing it.

    • Locking the app to a specific carrier that is.

  • Whyyyyy would this be tied to the carrier at all? I mean, who benefits, and how?

    • MagicMike

      It’s Verizon sucking the teet of Microsoft now. We all know they are in bed with Google. Microsoft was starting to feel left out.

  • opiate46

    I’m betting this is the first thing deleted off the Fascinate by most people.

  • Nice app, running on my Samsung Galaxy S on Vodafone Uk. 😀

    • MagicMike

      Great thing about open source Android is someone will post a download link to the .apk and unless you are using a crippled AT&T Android, you can install it manually.

  • MagicMike

    For those of you not on Verizon and want to use this Bing app, you don’t have to put up with that lame exclusive crap. Install it manually here:


  • Dannyboy

    I’m perfectly content with my Android phone using the Google browser.

  • lazarus

    “long awaited Bing”??? are you serious? I can’t see why would anyone use m$ crap instead of Google Search.

  • Madgirl

    Why would I want to put anything Microsoft on my Android phone? Google rocks.

  • They can also slip through seven days worth of images. Microsoft Voice own research also working with the Android language function to the text and Bing can use maps to find their way around the city. It is comprehensive.