Samsung Galaxy Tab Appears in Verizon’s Internal Inventory System

BGR has obtained some actual, concrete evidence that the Samsung Tab just might be headed for Verizon. The proof? A screenshot of the Galaxy Tab in Verizon‘s internal inventory system. Now that is something that makes me excited folks! An awesome network and an awesome device.

As always, information like this can change.  Nothing is 100%. As soon as we know more, we will let you guys know.

Source: BoyGeniusReport

  • Crud. I hope there are carrier versions like the Galaxy S. phones and not a single carrier like crApple products. I would love a combined plan that includes tethering or better yet WiFi only tab that allows tethering to my T-Moble Vibrant.

  • Justin

    Im sorry but it would be better and faster on T-Mobile. Seeing it on Vzw makes me sad.

  • John

    Im happy! Im on verizon and they are bringing the 4G LTE network this year( they say). Now we have maybe one of the best screened tablets–woo -hoo!

  • jason

    i hope there’s a wifi only version

  • Some real evidence that Samsung Tab can only lead to Verizon. Proof System tab screen Galaxy Version internal inventory. Now it is one thing that makes me excited about the people! Mighty network appliance powerful.

  • lasley herald

    I hope that there are versions of the carrier, such as phones Galaxy S. rather than a single carrier, such as products crApple.


  •  Samsung is always given a best products ranges to us and one more Galaxy tab is one unique from it. It is the best product from Samsung and its in the competition with the apple.