Archos adding a slew of Android tablets including the 101

With two Archos 5 tablets in my rearview mirror, I am definitely looking forward to the new 101.  The nomenclature is shorthand for the 10.1″ screen with 1024×600 resolution.

The specs can be found here but the most notable are:

– Android 2.2
– ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor accompanied by a 3D OpenGL ES 2.0 for graphics

This unit would/could be just another tablet that can be bought unlocked from a carrier and without a data plan but with WiFi springing up all over the place, who cares?  We don’t need no steenkin’ 3G!

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  1. Robert Aitchison
    August 31, 17:56 Reply

    I like it overall, built in mini-HDMI is a must in a device like this (I’m looking at you Samsung)

    Some questions:
    Does it support 802.11n?
    Does it offer 3G data as an option? If so which bands/carriers?
    Does it have GPS?
    Does it have the Android Market?

    • Ken Pennett
      August 31, 19:32 Reply

      I looked through all the specs carefully here they are.

      Communication protocols
      • WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
      • Bluetooth 2.1 EDR

      3G NO
      ONLY Through tethering to your 3G phone.
      Tethering (Using your portable phone as a modem)
      Just plug your mobile phone equipped with 3.5 G & Bluetooth™ technology, simply pair it up to your ARCHOS 101 internet tablet via Bluetooth™ or even via USB cable.

      Absolutely NOTHING mentioned about GPS So, I’d have to say NOT.
      Froyo 2.2 SHOULD have the market although, not mentioned either??
      PnP media streaming though & HDMI out to use your tablet as a gaming controller is sweet!

  2. schwiz
    August 31, 17:57 Reply

    screw archos and their optional plugins

    • Ken Pennett
      August 31, 19:34 Reply

      LOL, I agree…
      Optional plugins, Suck!
      Only able to get what you bought the tablet for If you purchase optional plugins??

      • Sam
        August 31, 19:47 Reply

        I had two Archos 5 IT’s and the plugins were optional but free….no biggie.

  3. A.B. Dada
    August 31, 20:10 Reply

    I have the Archos 5IT, Google market is not included but an easy hack to install.

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