March 29, 2015

First Look: "Official" G2 Pictures Leaked

We’re less than a month away from the rumored G2 launch (Sept. 29) so we’re not surprised by the recent spate of leaks.  This time around, we’re being treated what’s billed as the first “official” images of the T-Mobile handset.  Check out three pictures of the device with carrier branding, in various angles!

As a recap, the HTC device will run Android 2.2 and feature a 3.7-Inch Active Matrix OLED display, 1 GHz Processor, and 5-megapixel camera with autofocus. Other details include support for WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and of course, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network!

So, let’s hear it.  Are you guys getting excited over this or what?  Does T-Mobile have a serious flagship device worthy of comparison to the Droid 2 or Epic 4G,?

Source : CellPhoneSignal

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  1. Jeremy

    Certainly hope it turns out to be a great phone – I’ve loved my G1, but it’s really looking old these days.

    My one wish is that the trend to use soft buttons would die a very fast death. Sure they don’t look as nice, but real buttons work a whole lot better.

  2. ryaninc

    I’d be very surprised if this launched with an AMOLED screen, given the current shortages HTC is experiencing with the Incredible and Desire. I’d expect this to launch with one of their new SuperLCDs. Unless they already have the first batch complete and they already have AMOLEDs inside.

  3. Josh K

    Looks pretty great so far. Needs to be stock Android 2.2 or I won’t consider. If there is a skin it will delay any updates, and T-Mobile has been pretty terrible updating current devices (G1, myTouch, etc) to new versions of Android and I am a little gun shy about getting burned again. I’d hate to jump on this, and then see all the other carriers roll out to 3.0 at some point and have the TMO phones stay on legacy software.

  4. Will Sours

    I wish they would have gone with a larger screen. 4 – 4.3″ really is nice and makes the on screen buttons much more accurate for those of us with big hands.

  5. Chuck Falzone

    What is the app between Voice and Navigation? Little black box. In one of the other pics at CellPhoneSignal, it appears to be named Quick Keys. Something to set up keyboard shortcuts, maybe?

  6. g1-and-only

    This is an ovious reason why there is a shortage of amoled screens…they used some for this beauty. as for a 4’3in screen, keep that tablet for verizon and sprint, 3’7 is perfect. i have handled the evo and droid x and must say i wont be jumping on that band wagon anytime soon, just because they have TV ads that tell you thats the new “HIP THING” walking around with that much going on in your pocket is just silly, i really hope they keep making phones at normal size, even 2 years from now when i upgrade again

  7. David Oliver

    T Mobile’s experience with G1 and successors was positive so I certatinly see T Mobile bringing out a own-brand device that rivals the the Samsung Galaxy range.

    I’d note, also, that seeing a G2 at T Mobile this year would seemingly preclude an iPhone on T Mobile in 2010 (and, likely, 2010).

  8. DRew

    ARG! I don’t know what to do. My first android phone was the Behold II and I still have it. I want it gone so bad! But I’m practically wading in doubts about buying something else at full price whose firmware won’t be updated! I know this has vanilla android on it, but does it have the specs that Google said would be needed for gingerbread? Was one of them a 4″ screen? Maybe the MyTouchHD will have a 4″ screen and vanilla android? I hate wading.. I’m ready to swim!

    • g1-and-only

      the nexus is the offical developers phone…….you tell me if its updateable?
      ( of course it is )

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