Droid 2 Launching as Milestone 2 Overseas

With the launch of the Droid 2 just a few weeks in the past, Motorola is stepping up it’s Android game for overseas customers and launching the Motorola Milestone 2.  Very similar to the Droid 2, it’s running a 1GHz processor (siginficantly improved over the Milestone’s 550MHz CPU) and has 8GB of internal storage, both considerable boosts compared the the Milestone(1).  The physical design is also a also improved just as the Droid 2 with the enhanced slide out qwerty keyboard. Longer battery life, Android 2.2, a 5.0 MegaPixel camera and Flash support round out the top features of the phone. Basically just like the Milestone 1 you are getting a GSM version of the Droid 2. The Milestone 2 just might put Motorola back in the good graces of overseas Motorola fans, but we will have to see.  Let’s hope.

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  1. bemymonkey
    September 02, 02:39 Reply

    As a former Milestone owner, let me be the first to say FUCK OFF to Motorola. You can keep your encrypted bootloaders and horrible customer service.

  2. Morten
    September 02, 02:45 Reply

    As much as I love my Milestone, I’d have to agree with bemymonkey. Seeing they launching a great product like that and then shooting themselves in the foot is just sad. Whoever decides these things should be fired.

  3. Diego!
    September 04, 09:19 Reply

    I don’t understand how come they don’t release a GSM version of Droid X!

    That would be a major hit in LatinAmerica since “officially” no other company has released a phone with a screen larger than 3.7″. I mean officially since you can get a HTC HD2 on mercadolibre (kind of an ebay for Latinamerica).

    Anyway, meh! I’m saving money for that monster HTC leaked some days ago, the HTC Desire HD 😀

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