What Are the G2 Quick Keys? (UPDATED)

While looking at the leaked G2 pictures from yesterday, our eagle-eyed Chuck Falzone noticed something hiding in plain sight.  One of the icons listed on the home screen for the handset shows a shortcut for an app called Quick Keys.  Blowing things up a bit, he also found three hard keys on the keyboard which look much like the icon.  We’re going to Occam’s razor approach and figure these are programmable buttons designed to give one-touch access to your favorite or most-used apps.  Anyone care to throw another idea at us?

Update: One of our readers, tubaking, let us know in comments on this post that he was able to pull the Quick Keys app from the leaked G2 build and install it on his phone. This let him get a shot of the app’s set-up instructions, which he took pictures of and posted on Twitter:

The instructions confirm what we suspected: Quick Keys will let G2 owners “quickly access super useful Google shortcuts and other applications that may take multiple steps to access.”

Thanks, tubaking!

  • Iwamoto

    Well, on the current phones it’s a pain to make a nice shortcut, it’s menu + a key which i personally find too much of a hassle, i can imagine you can trigger things with the 3 quick keys, like, left is gmail, right is call mom, etc etc.

  • Jn david

    Those are macro keys. One touch gmaps directions home from current location. totally programmable not just quick keys……

  • Lets get the gang over at XDA to further rip apart the leaked G2 rom, where the new Google Voice was found, and see if we can get a better look….

  • i have been looking at this as well and found the app earlier, it gave me instructions but i skipped through and haven’t been able to get the instructions to show again, once i get it right i will try screenshots tonight

    • AbruptDemise

      Can’t you clear the App data from the Applications page to get it to launch the instructions again?

      The market forces you to reaccept the agreement if you clear it’s data so, in theory, that should “reset” it as awell.

      • i did try it, didn’t quite work but i did get shots of the instructions posted to twitter @tubaking182 there are only two screens to the instructions but they leave me hopeful of what these buttons(and widget) can do

  • jay

    It would be kind of nice if we had a hard key to jump to a certain home screen. Each one could take you to a different screen so you didnt have to swipe between them.

    Personally i just use Search+* something shortcuts for all the apps I use frequently.

  • On the launcher from g2(and other phones) you can long press the the app drawer or on either side of it and pull up small versions of your home screens andclick the one you want