New Google Voice Ripped from G2 ROM

Remember that new version of the Google Voice app we told you about last week, the one that’s part of the leaked G2 ROM and includes a revamped widget? Well, you don’t have to wait for the G2 to get it. The guys over at XDA-Developers have pulled it the leaked ROM so you can install it like any other app.

As some of you may remember, when the latest Google Voice update came out it improved the speed of placing calls, but in the process eliminated the possibility of taking advantage of unlimited calling via MyFaves or a Friends and Family feature.  This new app also has that “fix,” so if you’re still running an older version of Google Voice, you may not want to upgrade. Also, since it’s a pre-release version of the new version, it may have some issues, but knowing that, feel free to give this a shot.

  • I tried this, and it locked up on CM6. Might want to wait for an actual update.

  • Lex

    Works great on my LG Ally!

  • Adam

    Not downloading that version I guess now. I am not about to lose my ability to get free calling.

    How is that exploit “fixed” is what I am wondering.

  • Jason

    Works fine on my Nexus One running CM 6.0.0.

    No lockups at all.