Introducing the Android Phone Power Rankings! (Cast YOUR Vote)

Today we’re introducing a new feature to AndroidGuys called the Android Phone Power Rankings.  The idea behind it is simple.  We all have our own opinions as to how great we think various Android handsets are, but what do we think as a collective unit? I conducted a blind rating poll for each phone offered by the carriers in the United States.  This includes current models, but also retired and unique phones like the Nexus One and G1.  In future polls, we’ll be including phones from around the world.Keeping certain things in mind, each device was given a “Power” number between one and ten.  What factored into the rating?

  • Handset Age
  • Carrier
  • Hardware
  • Current version of Android
  • Expected future platform support

We were curious to see how things would stack up.  Would it be newest phones at the top?  Would a certain carrier own the high spots? Would one handset maker score more favorably than others?  Well, without further ado, here’s the first Android Phone Power Rankings – The top 25 handsets as picked by your AndroidGuys staff.  Where does your phone stack up?

  1. Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint)
  2. HTC EVO 4G (Sprint)
  3. HTC Nexus One (T-Mobile)
  4. Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile)
  5. Motorola Droid X (Verizon)
  6. Motorola Droid 2 (Verizon)
  7. HTC Droid Incredible (Verizon)
  8. Motorola Droid (Verizon)
  9. Samsung Captivate (AT&T)
  10. HTC myTouch 3G Slide (T-Mobile)
  11. HTC myTouch 3G (T-Mobile)
  12. Motorola i1 (Sprint)
  13. Samsung Intercept (Sprint)
  14. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (AT&T)
  15. HTC Aria (AT&T)
  16. HTC G1 (T-Mobile)
  17. HTC Her0 (Sprint)
  18. Samsung Acclaim (U.S. Cellular)
  19. LG Ally (Verizon)
  20. Samsung Moment (Sprint)
  21. Motorola Charm (T-Mobile)
  22. Motorola CLIQ XT (T-Mobile)
  23. Motorola Devour (Verizon)
  24. Motorola CLIQ (T-Mobile)
  25. Motorola Backflip (AT&T)

Not listed: Samsung Behold II (T-Mobile), Garminfone (T-Mobile)

Did we nail it or not?  We’d love to see what you think.  Please leave a comment below with your opinions.  When you’re done,  vote in the FAN POLL too!  We’ll be listing your voices as well.  NOTE: Fan votes will be collected and tallied through Sunday, September 5th.

Oh, and we’ll be doing this every month!

  • dakuten

    Sad to see that it’s just for U.arSe.A. ! Where’s my HTC Desire, the centre of the Android universe in EUrope ?

    • 0d3

      My thoughts exactly…

    • ScaredyCat

      Android is clearly only available to those in the USA.

      • dakuten

        No, in €urope, we’ve got all non-carier branded android devices, w/ the paid apps in the market (exepted few countries) ! USA is not the centre of the world ! Eurasia is.

        • AAA

          Not except few countries. Many countries doesn’t have paid apps.

          • dakuten

            All the western and northern (so the rich) side of Europe have paid apps !

          • dakuten

            I agree it’s just 12/27 EU countries + 2 from the Schengen Space (No & Ch)

        • You can say that when the GNP of your country is greater then the USA.

          Yes people love to hate the freest and largest economic power in the world. And, granted this country’s leaders have done some stupid and great things over the years (opinion).

          But the main reason this in house survey was USA only…. is that this journalistic group is based in the USA and is for primary, yet not exclusively the USA, which happens to be a gigantic market for andriod.

          If you want to combine many countries from a regional area and compare them to the USA, that’s cool, but hardly an equal comparison.

          Enjoy your Android device in your country, as will I. My device was made China by a Korean company full of American made and designed chips and some Japanese as well. It truly is a global thing as you say but maybe not what you mean.


          • Joe

            Dude. I love the USA as much as any other proud american does, but this article clearly seems to forget the rest of the world. plus, in 100 years, are grandkids will be speaking Chinese. CHINA is now the largest and fastest growing economy on earth, not USA

    • big iz

      well.. it’s listed at #3.. The Nexus One.. Same phone..

      • john young

        Wrong. the desire is a different phone to the nexus one. it is much better.

  • westy

    I actually think you got this pretty spot on.

  • Mike

    I love my Vibrant, but it seems strange that it’s at #4 on this list while the Captivate, almost the exact same phone, is at #9.

    • The Captivates problem is AT&T. More specifically, AT&T’s lockdown treatment of Android (not being able to install non-market apps and the like) so I would definitely put the Captivate well below the Vibrant.

      But yeah that list actually looks pretty decent.

    • Brian

      Totally wrong! The Epic, Fascinate, Captivate, and the Vibrant are the same phone! Not similar not same series, the internals are the freaking same! Why would the Epic be #1, the Vibrant #4 and the Captivate #9? They are the same phone!

      Scott Webster, you sir are…not wrong just misinformed. My Vibrant runs a Quadrant test at 2100’s sometimes or 1900’s depending on what I have running. Does the EVO 4G you tested do that? I don’t think so.

      • D

        My Evo just got a Quadrant of 2457…

        • &quotme

          Love my EVO!!!!!!!

      • Death259

        Actually they are not all the same phone. The Epic has a front facing camera, i believe the fascinate does as well. The epic also has a a slide out keyboard. The epic has a sprint 4g antennae. The vibrant and captivate have 16gb internal memory while the epic and fascinate have 2gb and 1gb respectively. So thus the internals are not “the freaking same.”

        Also, it’s not just about the score your phone gets on X program. You also have to take into account the network that the phone is on. Take the captivate for example. It’s on AT&T and they restrict the phone so that you cannot install apps that are not in the market. So thus it is going to get a lower score. Now i know you can circumvent this by rooting the phone, etc. but you shouldn’t have to do this. Android is meant to be open, so the fact that AT&T is closing it brings that phone down on the ranking.

  • Greg

    I would probably swap #1 Epic & #3 Nexus One, but the rest is probably pretty good.

  • Jason

    Personally, I think the Sprint Hero is very underrated.

    From what I’ve seen (friends, playing with phones at say Best Buy, etc.) I’d put the Hero above the Samsung Intercept, i1, and myTouch 3g, G1, etc… so probably #10. Probably biased though! 😉

    The Hero dev community at XDA is amazing too.

  • petraeus prime

    sony x10 is amazing, amzing custom ui, and with task killer and juice defender its blazingly fast and lasts more than 4 days with moderate use!!

    don’t heed the pundits who think a simple upgrade from 1.6 -> 2.1 is going to make much difference, this phone is near perfect.

  • Where’s the “hackability” factored in? ;p

  • Billl

    Why no Behold II? It has better hardware and has 1.6 over say the Cliq. Not a great phone, but certainly offers more than some of the other phones on this list.

    • It was an option in the staff’s voting, but didn’t make the top 25. Same with Garminphone.

  • 24bronco

    So, I guess if the nexus 1 had a front facing camera it would be #1 right! It should be #1 anyways with all the updates that google pushes to the phone FIRST. but besides that the rest of the list looks great and good to see the Grandaddy G1 on the top15

  • opiate46

    I think the sheer amount of features should put the EVO at the top of this list. I love my Vibrant and I think the Epic is an awesome phone, but the EVO does wonderfully in every category. I also think the G1 should get a shout out on this list for starting this awesomeness.

  • vito

    HTC Desire, maaan!

    • dakuten


  • kenmckean

    What about the 800million plus mobile users(sorry cellphone!) elsewhere other than the usa? Or is it again akn to the ‘world’ series where only the usa enters or plays the sport?

    • Archer Baumann

      The World Series isn’t just the USA you know.

      First off, there are Canadian baseball teams. Once and a while, one of them is actually wins.

      And have you seen the makeup of the average American sports team nowadays? A significant number of professional athletes in the USA and Canada are from other countries. Yes, even Japan.

  • What ROM was used in these tests? The OEM one? (I suppose that’s fair), though my battery life increased significantly on my G1 when I went from Android 1.6 (Cyanogen 4.2) to Android 2.1 (Cyanogen 5.7).

    All the custom ROMs I’ve run have been better than the stock T-Mobile/HTC ROM but I don’t think that’s too fair a test because I haven’t run the stock ROM since Android 1.1 or something like that.

    • NVM I’m an idiot I thought they were talking about power as in battery life not power as in capability.

  • Kevin

    Go Sprint!

    Wow, the EPIC edged out my EVO. Good to see it is at least on the same network. 🙂

    That’s cool. Just happy to see Android/Sprint kicking tail and taking names.

    • Mark

      I’m not crazy about the Epic. Little functions such as finding the person to call on the call screen shows less contacts in the search, keyboard buttons on slide out, etc. Limitations compared to the EVO in my opinion.

    • Obieze

      That’s b/c the T-mobile G2 nor the MyTouch 4g are on this list. They are too new to be qualified, but if they ran this test then they would get higher than the top 6, sorry Vibrant

  • Zaerath

    I gotta say, the Nexus One should be above the EVO… But probably not above the Epic.

  • Zaerath

    I gotta say, the Nexus One should be above the EVO… But probably not below the Epic.

    • I HAVE the Nexus One, but I would not put it above the EVO. The bigger screen, front facing camera and the brilliant kick stand put the evo ahead.

    • &quotme

      Houston, we have a problem………

  • JaylanPHNX

    There’s no way the Cliq XT sits below the Samsung Moment. I know the Moment may have a higher firmware, and it probably gets points for stock Android, but the phone has real problems, touchscreen issues, etc. The XT suffers from Motoblur and 1.5, but should be the top of the heap when it comes to the older 528Mhz phones. Which aint saying much, I know.

  • pjv

    You urgently need to put up the world equivalent names for the phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S instead of the Captivate! And where the hell is the #1 best phone, and maybe even best selling Android phone, the HTC Desire??!!

  • Drew

    I just can’t believe us Behold II owners are getting snubbed…AGAIN! I swear we can’t win. If someone isn’t denying us upgrades, then they’re denying us our due space on every list ever made( unless its a list that only states the bad) I swear it’s like we aren’t even a part of this community!

  • danish

    where the heckk is desirus

  • Zaid

    Where’s the g2, my touch 4g and desire HD. Update!

    • Obieze

      ikr but this list is way old for any of these new phones to be featured on it. Because the Mytouch 4g would be either #1 or 2. The Desire HD would be #4 or 5 except for the fact that it doesnt have a front-facing camera and its not 3g compatible in the USA(which is where this list is based), and then the G2 would be either #4 or 5, but if the HD was on here, the G2 would be #5 or 6.

  • I only know Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro is the only Android phone which use input touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard. Any other else? For Nokia maemo, there is N900.

    Anyone know other Android phone that had these 2 types of input?

  • Androod

    HTC Desire has been made phone of the year more than once now. It should be #1 here as well. Wtf…

  • Keshav

    yesss mine is at 25th position!!

  • al

    Htc desire #1 in England

  • Sal

    What does everyone here think of the Samsung Galaxy S? I haven’t bought it, however
    thinking about it.

    Here’s a link to look at if you choose to:

  • jesse

    The Evo is the hottest phone on the market!