Rockbox for Android in Progress

Think back. You had an mp3 player with an annoying user interface, everything was locked down and you couldn’t manage your music the way you wanted. And then you found out about Rockbox, the open source firmware for mp3 players. You hacked it on to yours and had a whole new music player that maybe wasn’t as pretty, but sure was under your control.  Flash forward: Rockbox is still around–a surprise to me–and, even more surprising, a version for Android is in the works.

Unlike other versions of Rockbox, which replace a device’s firmware entirely, the version for Android is a standalone music player app. Though far from finished, you can download working builds of the app so far directly from the site. Once you figure out that different (completely unmarked) regions of the screen have different functions (top/bottom to scroll up/down, the center selects the option you’re on, etc.), you’ll be able to give it a little whirl.

Certainly unfinished, and certainly not for everybody, but if you’re like me, worth a try just for the nostalgia.

via AndroidPolice

  • Will

    This makes me very happy, I was just editing my Rockbox install a few days ago.
    It may not have the best interface ever but it does a damn good job at organising my collection with custom menus.

  • Tony

    I loved Rockbox on my Archos and my iRiver! This is great news.

  • mynameismud

    nostalgia? RB never went anywhere, where did you go? what have you been using that is comparable?

  • Rich

    Good to see this in progress. Right now the android music player is fairly bare-bones, and isn’t really a big focus on the platform. It would be really nice to see some of the attention that the Rockbox team could give it. Also, I don’t think there is currently any FOSS media player available for Android that is superior to even the limited one that comes installed by default.

    It would be nice to see this turn into more than just API calls – I’m pretty sure the Rockbox team can do a better job than Google on the decoding/playback/etc, and patches to the OS would be nice to see.

  • Sam

    I’ve got 20$ to add to the pot for the first dev to get rockbox working with production quality on SGS.. Anybody else like to throw in for that?

  • Rich

    +1 for Tony. I’ve been using Rockbox firmware on my (and my wife’s) mp3 players consistently for the last 5 years.