Sony Ericsson CEO Gunning for #1 Android Phone Supplier in World


Bloomberg is reporting a short blurb today about Sony Ericsson and their lofty aspirations. According to Chief Executive Officer Bert Nordberg, SE has their sights set on becoming the number one Android phone supplier in the world. Currently, they sit at second with a 17 percent share, whereas the top seat occupies 23 percent. There was no timeline given as to when they plan to accomplish their goal, but we welcome the competition. Any guess as to who number one might be? said at a briefing in Beijing today, without identifying the rival. Nordberg didn’t give a timeframe for achieving the top spot.

  • Simon

    SE currently at number 2?! that doesn’t sound right!
    I thought it would be Motorola first, followed by HTC.

  • Frank

    What a joke. They dont even have Android 2.1 on Xperia.They stuck with 1.6!! When they will have 2.2?? With this kind of attitude they want to become number 1!! That is just hilarious.

    And they need to come up with better phone with with at least 1 Ghz processor.

    There are thousand time better android phones in market now.Only fools and dumbs will by Sony phones.

    • BlueBobX

      Frank: The X10’s DO have a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. As to better phones – imho there’s no better LOOKING phones, although there’s ones (like the Galaxy S) that are better to use. Oh, and although they’re on 1.6 at the moment, they’re due to start rolling out 2.1 before the end of this month.

      If Sony want to be #1 then they really need to step up the rollout of new firmware versions, and they could start by confirming a rollout schedule for 2.2. Pretty poor that their flagship droid phones are behind the equivalents from Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc.

  • Pingwing

    Who is first? HTC?

  • android2010

    Let me just point out this says ‘number 1 android “supplier” didnt say be number one in sales. And the phone is 1GHZ the X10 and there are not thousands better be serious its on par with the htc desire

  • zodiac

    Gentlemen, remember when the x10 came out it was head and shoulders above the rest. There must have been a massive uptake of the phone in the early part of the year. Since then there have been a number of phones released which are much better(htc disire and samsung galaxy s to name a few). Also don’t forget the x10 mini /mini pro have been very popular and I’m sure they are largely responsible for SE high sales figures.