Turn Off TouchWiz on the Epic 4G

Their contribution to slower OS updates notwithstanding, a lot of us would feel a lot better about OEM’s custom UIs if they could just be turned off if a user prefers to use stock Android. Well, at least for one of their Galaxy S variants, Samsung has made this possible.

On Sprint‘s newly released Epic 4G, switching from TouchWiz to the standard launcher is as simple as clearing out a default in the application settings. BriefMobile has full details on how to make the switch.

  • Pedro

    This is just for changing the TouchWiz Launcher, not the entire Samsung customization of Android.

  • Ragflan

    Agree with Pedro. TouchWiz’s Phone, Contacts and Calendar apps are horrible. I replaced TouchWiz Launcher with LauncherPro almost the instant I switched on the phone for the first time but the customisation is everywhere else and it’s annoying.

  • Stephen ([email protected])

    Sense (as Pierre said “HtC’s Touchwize) is actually really good (IMO) compared to others such as MotoBlur (That is everything underneath of the Bionic / Photon / Atix , because Blur on those are actually really smooth and useful) I get paid to sell phones, and I’m a tester for other websites(I’m not going to plug my companies here, just take my word for it).  The new TW4.5 thats preinstalled on the GSII vairiant (Epic 4g Touch!) is extremely fluent and makes my EVO DDD(3D) look pitiful!  Just my two Sense (   ; – )    )