Getjar Getting App Discovery/Conversion Right, Take Notice Google!

In a press release put out today, Mobile Security firm NetQin is reporting that through GetJar’s pay per download ad campaign system, they have seen 100% growth in the US market for their product, as well as a 90% conversion rate from the ad campaign they are running.  If that sounds a bit confusing, it is understandable!  Simply put, NetQin has started a pay per download ad campaign with GetJar to get their Android app into U.S. users hands.  Of all the people that have seen those ads, 90% of them are BUYING the NetQin app.  What this tells us is that GetJar is doing something right in the constant battle of app discovery and marketing.  Those numbers are pretty impressive.

Some info from NetQin from the press release:

Founded in 2005, backed by Sequoia, Mayfield, Fidelity and Ceyuan VC, NetQin Mobile Inc. (refer to “NetQin” hereafter) is a global leader in mobile security services- holding 64.8% of the Chinese mobile security market (2010 H1 Whitepaper on China Mobile Security Market by Frost & Sullivan, August 2010). NetQin delivers proven mobile security solutions based on Cloud-client Computing Platform – including anti-virus, SMS-filter, anti-spyware, privacy protection and online virus scan- to more than 55 million users in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide. Our services provide users protection against mobile security threats, financial loss and privacy compromise. Backed by an R&D team of more than 180 highly-skilled professionals, NetQin owns multiple patented technologies and relentlessly delivers the technology advancements crucial to improving mobile security.

NetQin is a major player in the mobile security market in China, and wanted to penetrate the U.S. market, so turned to GetJar to see if that could happen. From the numbers listed above, I would say that they have had some success.

Google, I would be watching GetJar pretty closely, they are doing something here that you have been unable to do, even though you are the king of search. They have been able to get the right apps into the right users hands, giving devs that warm fuzzy feeling when they see their download totals go towards the sky. This is what the Android community wants to see, a Market that is both dev and user friendly.

  • 90% of the people that *saw* the ad or 90% of the people that *clicked on it*?

  • 90% of those who downloaded the trial version subscribed to the paid version.



  • Skyland

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