Reader Submission: Customizability on Android [VIDEO]

We like to occasionally feature guest bloggers and reader submissions on AndroidGuys as it helps the community get a feel for what others are doing with their Android phones.  One reader we’ve featured here a couple of times, Roy, has sent us another post.  This time, he has taken to YouTube to share his knowledge.

This time I made a video demonstrating the customizability on the Android platform. In the video I show of some of the coolest additions to your phone and really show how you can go beyond the mere background-and-theme-picking. The ‘theme’ of the video is customization about function rather than form.

Check out the 10 minute video below to see some of the customization he’s done with his handset. After you watch the clip, leave a comment with your favorite Android customization.  The more you share, the more we all learn!

Thanks Roy!

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  1. roy
    September 02, 13:06 Reply

    Thanks for posting this Scott!

    I hope you people enjoy!

    If you have questions, post them on the youtube page or here and I’ll get back to you.

  2. Chefgon
    September 02, 16:10 Reply

    My love for my Nexus One increased ten fold when I discovered widget locker. I would never want to use an Android phone without it again.

  3. Dave
    September 02, 17:39 Reply

    Hey Roy!
    Thanks for the great video – really inspiring stuff!
    I had to go and get Beautiful Widgets and WidgetLocker right away :)

    A note for people living in countries without paid apps in Market – you can buy WidgetLocker for 2 USD using paypal, see this thread at XDA-devs for details.

  4. Jeremy
    September 03, 00:27 Reply

    I really like the demo of Quick Settings- But on the Droid X, long pressing on the search button brings up voice search. Any idea on how to change what the search key is tied too?

  5. roy
    September 03, 06:13 Reply


    I am not sure if there is anything specific about the Droid x, but the way that it should work is that after you install Quick Settings and you longpress the search button, it gives you more options. It should ask something like; which app would you like to use; voicesearch or quick settings. You should also be able to check something like remember my selection.

    If this doesn’t work, go to settings>applications>manage applications>voice search>clear defaults

    If that doesn’t work, contact the developer.

    • Jeremy
      September 03, 10:11 Reply


      I tried going into settings to clear the defaults but its doesn’t let me. Its as if Blur has tied the search button to voice search permanently.

      Same thing happens when trying to use Quick Desk, It only gives you the option of tying the home key to several pre determined options.

  6. roy
    September 03, 18:44 Reply


    its probably a motoblur thing then. You can also create a shortcut with quick settings in the notification panel so its always in the pulldown menu… thats about as fast as longpressing…
    Check the settings in Quick Settings and then it should be in there somewhere.

    Good luck!

  7. kevin
    September 04, 22:45 Reply

    Hi Roy,
    I tried getting the Droid eye but when I downloaded the file my pc didnt know what to do with it and didnt have a program to run it. I can’t download from my phone. What should I do with the app after it’s done downloading? Sorry if this is all newbie stuff I have an EVo and it’s my first droid…

    • kevin
      September 04, 22:51 Reply

      ok, I think I figured out part of the problem. I dl’ed using my Chrome browser and screwed up a bit. Now it’s saying it’s a utorrent file. What kind of file should it register as? Thanks for any insight…

      • roy
        September 05, 16:33 Reply

        Kevin, you should try to download an .apk file and get that to your phone. When you have it on your phone, download a so-called apk installer from the android market, look for the file and install it. As I said, there are also a few more advanced live wallpapers in the market when you search for droid eye. Mine can be found here (register to be able to download the files)

  8. Theweakend
    September 05, 03:14 Reply

    I’ve been using widgetlocker for a month now. Get it.

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