Samsung Starts Advertising Galaxy Tab [VIDEO]


The first official TV spot for the Galaxy Tab has hit YouTube and we’ve embedded it below.  Samsung crams as much as they can in the 30-second spot so that users can see just how helpful one of these guys can be.  We can’t wait to see these hit the streets so we can gauge user reactions.  Wanna try something fun?  Watch the clip without sound or with your favorite pop-folk song instead.  Feels very Apple, doesn’t it?


  1. Wow. Agreed – feels a little Apple-ey (if that’s a word). I like it though – it looks slick.

    The big question for me? Battery life.

    • very very true. We all know these new mobile phones, tablets are going to come out but how is the battery life. I wonder if any company is trying to make new style of batteries yet. Anybody know if the tech specs are up on their website yet?