T-Mobile SCOOP Confirms G2 With 800 MHz Scorpion Processor


T-Mobile has confirmed that their next Android handset, the G2, will not be a 1GHz processor after all.  But it’s not all bad news as the carrier tells us the phone will be powered by an 800MHz Scorpion.  For those who fear that the 200MHz difference sounds slower, bear this in mind – the Qualcomm MSM7230 contains a considerably faster Adreno 205 GPU than the Snapdragon.  We’ll have to wait until the tests and benchmarks start rolling in before we know for sure, but the G2 should be just a powerful as anything on the market when it arrives.  Maybe even more so.

  • Santos

    This better be fast. After owning a G1 since launch, and seeing friends get super fast Android phones, I’m really hoping the G2 is a strong phone.

  • Deus Invictus

    I want to see the benchmarks, I was all excited for a good upgrade for my G1. If this ends up being slower then the 1Ghz snapdragon’s I will be very disappointed. If it’s at least as fast I can accept it.

  • John

    It can be fast depending on what you are looking for.

    For CPU intensive tasks, it will not be any faster than current crop of Snapdragon based phones. MSM7230 featured in this phone essentially has the same CPU core design as QSD8250 found in other Snapdragon processors. Since it is clocked at 800MHz, it may show slightly slower benchmark numbers. It is based on 45nm manufacturing, so it will likely to consume less power as well.

    For GPU intensive tasks, the picture changes completely. Adreno 205 featured in this phone will perform 3-4 times faster than the one found in QSD8250! It will in theory outperform ALL phones as of today (yes, including iPhone 4), except for Galaxy S which is supposed to have slightly higher maximum theoretical throughput. This GPU also features a hardware accelerated Flash support as well as other goodies.

    So, if gaming/graphics is important to you, G2 will blow all other Snapdragon based phones quite significantly.

    If you want to know more about Adreno 205, here’s a nice article to read:


  • iy

    Sorry kids, Galaxy will kill every phone on the market 🙂

  • iy

    Sorry kids, Galaxy will kill every phone on the market 🙂

    • Cihan

      Guys, Snapdragon processor found in G2 is not the same as what you will see in other Snapdragon based phones of today. G2 uses MSM7230 while others use QDS8x50.

      MSM7230 differs in two significant ways – manufactured using 45nm technology (likely to consume less power) and contains a new GPU called Adreno 205 (as opposed to Adreno 200 in QSD 8×50). Adreno 205 is about 3-4 times FASTER than Adreno 200! It remains to be seen if Adreno 205 will outperform PowerVR SGX540 found in Galaxy S phones, but certainly it will be close. Adreno 205 will outperform iPhone 4’s GPU.

  • Geoi1006

    Sorry to burst your bubble punkin but my rooted Mytouch Slide just blew the galaxy. S out of the water. I have the benchmarks to prove it.

    • PC

      Then prove it … I know you can’t
      I yet to see any other phone post more than 2500 in quadrant.
      a rooted and overclocked Samsung vibrant (Galaxy S phone ) can easily do.
      So stop your lies and deal with it.

  • robert saylor

    I am using froyo on my HD2 i have set my CPU TO RUN MAX @ 640 it is plenty fast even playing games

  • AndroidEyez

    Ok listen to this that Galaxy line are great phones and all but you gotta give HTC the respect they deserve I have a good feeling the G2 will be faster plus be much more energy efficient to I don’t have to wait and see any bench test I have allot of loyalty to HTC I own the G1, My touch 3G, My touch slide and the Nexus One all rooted and all have
    proved to the world that HTC is the BOSSES and took the crown ever since the G1 and honestly my cuz has the Vibrant it is a great phone but my Nexus blow’s it out the frame period and it’s how old ? Look the point of the matter is that if the old generation HTC’s are all great devices why would you think for one second that the G2 would be a flop if it does not have a 1gig snapdragon so what maybe they are giving us more with less in order to bring us longer talk time come on I can’t be the only person thinking this.

    • PC

      I have owned every T-mobile Android phone and my favorite so far is the HTC phones, I have the Samsung Vibrant right now and THEY ARE BEASTS and they are crazy fast when the lag fix is applied and overclocked but… the GPS and compass are worthless and the UI is heavy and laggy if you don’t root and do the lag fix.
      I’m just waiting for a HTC phone that even comes close because the garbage GPS this Samsung has is driving me crazy.

  • sam

    Thank you for reporting on the GPU. FINALLY someone who gets it.