Video Review of the Sony/Ericsson XPERIA X10 for AT&T


This week I had the privilege of receiving a XPERIA X10 from Sony to play with and review, man I love my job!  I have to admit that at first I was not super excited about the X10 as a handset, for the simple fact that it runs Android 1.6, which I moved on from sometime ago thanks to Cyanogen Mod.  I was expecting a very vanilla handset, but was pleasantly surprised.

I will let my video review do most of the talking, but I wanted to state upfront here, this is a nice handset.  It feels good in the hand, it is well made and the battery life is nothing short of incredible.  Seriously, I have not charged the unit for 3 days, and still have half a battery left.  I have used the unit moderately, but this is still a power sipping handset.  The one thing I did not cover in the video review is the specs for the phone, here they are:

  • 1 GHz Snapdragon Processor
  • 4.0-inch touchscreen display, 480 x 854 pixel resolution (WVGA)
  • 8.1 MP Camera
  • Android 1.6
  • Google apps and search (not yahoo)

This unit is a bit of a sleeper in the Android platform fight, it is zippy, well made and easy to use.  The screen is nothing special, and it is certainly hurt by the lack of Android 2.1, but this is a great entry level unit for someone who is coming into the smartphone realm after a feature phone, or someone who is not looking to be a power user, but wants the functionality and flexibility of Android.

One last item, I made an error in my video review on the price, I said it was $99, but it is $149 on contract at AT&T, still a good deal if you ask me.

Don’t overlook this handset like I initially did, it really is a nice offering from Sony/Ericcson.

  • Muddy13

    I don’t understand why S/E would put together a fine smartphone with a 1GHz processor and release it with 1.6. What was the rational behind that manuver?

  • Prototype V

    Really nice video and nice looking phone. It’s such a bummer for sony ericsson it was released so late here and on 1.6 still. They could’ve had a real winner on their hands imo.


    SE don’t care because this is the most popular phone in Japan!! Also combined with the SE UI, 1.6 doesn’t seem that bad!!

  • HarryBR

    Got this phone a week ago then maybe i could give my own little review: it’s my first smartphone so i’m probably not what you would call a heavy user, but i’ve already messed around with it, installed tons of stuff and i’m enjoying it a lot.

    Although 1.6 is outdated it still has tons of customizations and apps, like an alternate launcher that allows me to use five home screens, and the phone’s own timescape and mediascape are nice solutions for multimedia and social networking, they’re sleek looking and integrated well with other features like your contacts, camera etc. unlike what was said at the review i think mediascape’s a capable music player despite my country lacking any online store. Twitter stopped working with Timescape though (will get fixed with the upcoming upgrade) but there are plenty of alternate solutions, there’s even a browser that plays flash videos! I love android for this kind of flexibility.

  • Djwoodard

    Helpful review. This phone is free in a refurb with AT&T.  Think I’ll get one.  Thanks again!