As Promised, Angry Birds Beta Arrives

The emails have begun rolling out.  Angry Birds beta has hit the Android Market.  If you signed up for the beta test, you’ll be getting your notice any minute now.  For those of you who didn’t, we’ll give you the details.    Rovio is aiming to make Angry Birds the best game in the market and needs your help.  Be sure to report any bugs or issues to them so they can fix things up.  If you experience any problems out of the gate, try a simple phone reboot.  Otherwise, hit up their feedback survey!

For what it’s worth, you’ll probably want to shy away from the $1.99 app that’s in the market.  It is a knock-off title that has nothing to do with the real Angry Birds.  The beta game you are looking for is FREE.

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  1. Kyle Lane
    September 03, 12:29 Reply

    Crashes after splash screen on my Evo. :(

  2. ben
    September 03, 12:37 Reply

    Is it only available for certain devices? I found it on AppBrain, but when I try to install it I get “Not found”. A search of the regular android market also comes up empty for me. I have a Sprint Hero running CM6.

    • Raymond Terrific
      September 03, 15:24 Reply

      ” @RovioMobile 3 hours ago the frame rates on Hero are really bad, so can’t support it. Looking into it, but not likely to be a good enough experience ”

      I found a copy and besides some clipping on the main screens, the game is totally playable on my Hero running CM6

  3. Dan
    September 03, 13:05 Reply

    Works great on my Samsung Galaxy portal/Spica Android 2.1

    No lag.. very smooth :) couldn’t find it on android market, I found the APK posted on the XDA developers fourms “angry birds for android *Updated*”

    Love IT the only thing i don’t like is the huge amount of space it takes up on my ROM… the APK is 11.41 MB (best to keep it on SD when not playing) and the screen size is a little off but not that bad for a beta. :)

  4. Twisted
    September 03, 13:06 Reply

    Also running CM6 and app is not found in the Marketplace…

  5. Vulpix
    September 03, 13:08 Reply

    Holy crap, who made that image of the bird and the broken droid?? It’s adorable!

  6. cha7Li3
    September 03, 13:27 Reply

    For those of you running android 2.2 on the HTC Evo, try moving the game from the SD card to phone. I found that this fixes the force close problem at the title screen. Hope this works for everyone else.

  7. Jim
    September 03, 13:49 Reply

    Even after moving the game to the phone from the SD card, still crashes after splash screen.

    Evo Froyo

    • cha7Li3
      September 03, 14:02 Reply

      really? once I’ve done that I no longer have that problem.

  8. Brian
    September 03, 14:27 Reply

    Not found on my Samsung Captivate Market… :(

  9. ninja4life
    September 03, 15:04 Reply

    it works really great wit no problems on my nexus one

  10. Monty
    September 03, 15:41 Reply

    also running CM 6 and its not found in the Market

  11. Chris
    September 04, 09:46 Reply

    works great on my froyo nexus one..ALREADY Beat it, can’t wait for the full version

  12. zenerg
    September 05, 03:56 Reply

    Need full version. only 18 or so levels are too few.

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