October 22, 2014

As Promised, Angry Birds Beta Arrives

The emails have begun rolling out.  Angry Birds beta has hit the Android Market.  If you signed up for the beta test, you’ll be getting your notice any minute now.  For those of you who didn’t, we’ll give you the details.    Rovio is aiming to make Angry Birds the best game in the market and needs your help.  Be sure to report any bugs or issues to them so they can fix things up.  If you experience any problems out of the gate, try a simple phone reboot.  Otherwise, hit up their feedback survey!

For what it’s worth, you’ll probably want to shy away from the $1.99 app that’s in the market.  It is a knock-off title that has nothing to do with the real Angry Birds.  The beta game you are looking for is FREE.