XDA Discovers Updated ROM for Nexus One

Image Credit: Modaco

Score another one for the open source Android developer community over at XDA.  Some of the users over there have discovered another update to the Froyo ROM for the Nexus One, with build number FRG33.  It has been found that the ROM has some minor bugfixes and a newer version of the installed radio than in the latest official released build.

A lot of users were hoping that this leaked ROM might be a Gingerbread build because of the “G” in the build number, but after unpacking it was found to be the above mentioned ROM.

Some users are reporting that their WiFi is responding faster when connecting, and some other speed improvements.  The folks over at Modaco are responsible for the benchmark graphic pictured to the left, showing some slight increases in speed.

The ROM has already been packaged to work on any phone, but there is a warning out there that this image could mess with your ability to access the Market.  There is a workaround talked about here.

As always, take caution when you are flashing and installing ROMs, you do it at your own risk!

+1 to the Android Dev community for this win!

  • SaggyBalls

    The good folks over at XDA are on fire this year. I wonder if they’ll ever be able to get Android to run natively on the HD2 (not off of an SD card). Nice work!

  • Drybones5

    Not be mean or anything, but my Samsung Captivate with a new filesystem gets better scores on quadrant than anything else. It’s not even running Froyo yet.


    All hail the Galaxy S.

  • beron

    It is only for the nexus one guys