O2 Releases, Then Pulls Desire 2.2 Froyo Update


O2 was all set to release Android 2.2 for the HTC Desire today. Many UK Desire owners were pretty excited, and with good reason. They were finally scheduled to get some Froyo! O2 began to roll it out in stages today, but according to our friends over at AndroidSpin, O2 has pulled the update after numerous reports of devices freezing after upgrading. We haven’t been able to confirm anything yet, but from the look of things, something went wrong with the Desire 2.2 update. We’ll keep you in the loop about any further information.

Has anyone had a Desire which suffered this fate? Let us know.

Sources TechRadar AndroidSpin


  1. I managed to get my Froyo update okay. It installed on my Desire and it’s happily running now. I did worry when I read emails on the Frozen o2 screen. Mine seemed to wait an age on that screen but I resisted temptation to mess with it and sure enough it booted okay.

    The RUU for the release version is out, even though o2 are not pushing it OTA. Some people are having problems with it and have said there appears to be a missing file. So, apply it at your own risk.

    For o2 customers such as myself it is irritating that we waited so long for this release to find that their long testing process failed to turn up this problem anyway. I think many of us will flash the generic rom for the next update as it seems to be more stable and we can get it when HTC release it.

  2. This happened to O2 Germany as well. From the messages in several forums it seems, that O2 sold many devices with the “Super LCD” screen instead of the AMOLED, but somebody missed to include the driver for it…

    Other issues (which happens to owners with AMOLED display also) relate to the update process itself, even when tried via a desktop PC and the HTCSync software (O2 provided an update package for download). There are reports of canceled updates with “Error 110” and “Error 170” messages. The latter seems to be resolved after the installation of an update of the HTCSync software and re-installation of the associated USB-drivers, the other…
    There seems to be clues that the bootloader is broken after the update and somebody reported he got it booting using “fastboot” from the Android SDK… 😉 (Don’t try to reboot your device without your desktop in sight… :-))

    So be careful — whatever got wrong, it got badly wrong. Whatever O2 did to spent more time for the update than i.e. Vodafone, it didn’t pay. And it even looks like they have trouble to cope with that crisis: They stopped the delivering of the update, but other than that, there is very few “official” information available…

  3. Thanks info in this article is very good and interesting, I think many of us will flash the generic rom for the next update as it seems to be more stable and we can get it when HTC release it. Thanks

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